KY offers its associations services at two different locations, in Töölö and Otaniemi. Keys for all the premises can be picked up from service secretaries during KY’s service hours and must be returned to a key deposit box in Espilä as soon as possible after the event.

KY’s associations and volunteer groups can reserve premises using the electronic resource calendar. Reservations can be made for the purpose of running your association and are not meant for personal use.

KY’s facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö are not actively rented out to other parties.

Töölö - KY Building

KY still has premises in the legendary KY Building in Töölö (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21). Whilst part of the building has been rented out, KY still has facilities mainly on the third floor and the basement.

Third floor

Meeting rooms (Mon-Sat, 8-22)

  • Marski kabinetti: 8-10 persons
  • Uusi kabinetti: 8-10 persons
  • Pieni Puoli: 15-20 persons, projector installed

Sauna (Mon-Sat, 12-22)

  • Sauna, changing rooms, balcony and fireplace room for approximately 20 people
  • TV-screen and basic AV equipment for playing music or watching movies
  • 30-45 minutes to heat up (turn on from the switch in the kitchen next to the door to the sauna)

Yläkertsi (Mon-Sat, 12-22)

  • An event venue for approximately 60-100 persons
  • Tables and chairs for around 70 persons
  • A large screen, projector, microphones
  • PA system, to which you can attach your own computer or use KY’s computer
  • A bar counter
  • Cold room for food and drinks
  • Assorted cutlery and plates, plastic wine glasses, sparkling wine glasses, shot glasses and pints for 150 people. Note that these are only to be used in KY’s premises and are not to be moved elsewhere for outside events!

Alakertsi (14-22)

  • KY’s biggest event venue holds up to 300-400 people
  • Tables for up to 200 people
  • A dance floor with lights, a DJ booth with advanced DJ systems
  • A bar counter, kitchen, cold room for food and drinks, smoking room
  • A freezer, a small stove with an oven, a dishwasher, microwave and basic kitchen tools
  • Mikko-Jarmo cabinet (to be rented separately)

Other spaces

BAD, a separate place for subject clubs to hold meetings. A small studio-style apartment on the 2nd floor has sofas for 10-15 people, a small kitchen, and a bathroom and shower.

KY’s studio is located on the 4th floor and can be booked from resource calendar. Remember to indicate whether or not you’ll be borrowing KY’s camera in your initial inquiry and book it from resource calendar. Studio has a separate key which can be picked up during KY Office's service hours.

Temporary Storage Space in KY Building 3rd floor is for clubs to store items for their events. There're two separate rooms available. The maximum reservation period is one week.


KY’s rented premises in Otaniemi are located on Konemiehentie, and are divided between Espilä (the main office building) and Saha (event space).

Espilä (Konemiehentie 4)

Espilä is KY’s main office building, where all secretaries and board members work. Here you’ll find:

Avokonttori: One of two open offices in Espilä, this is where service secretaries are on call every Tuesday 15-17 and Thursday 10-12.

Meeting rooms

  • TuoMela cabinet: 20-25 people, projector installed
  • Contactor cabinet: 8 people

Both meeting rooms can be accessed directly without having to pass through Espilä (separate entrance and lobby near the parking lot).

Saha (Konemiehentie 1)

  • Holds up to 160 people (seating for about 120 people)
  • The fixed stage, PA system, party lights and six different projectors
  • Main event hall, a cloakroom (with bathrooms for men and women), and a backstage area adjacent to a kitchen
  • A basic stove, two refrigerators, and an industrial dishwasher and coffee machine
  • Cabinets with tableware (plastic wine, sparkling wine, shot glasses and pints for 150 people)

Want to organize an event outside KY’s premises? Remember to also check out AYY’s facilities!