For Media

KY’s communications sector will gladly help media’s representatives in all questions regarding KY. We can also help you find interviewees, forward your interview requests to the right person(s), offer photos to be used in the media and convey information of what is currently happening at KY.

If you wish to get a direct comment, please contact Chair of KY Board or KY’s Executive Director.

Executive Director

Nina Pitkänen
0500 430 546

Chair of the Board

Niko Ylä-Poikelus
040 414 3619

Communications Coordinator

Emilia Silius
040 353 8279


Kiti Kainulainen
050 435 9750

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Covid-19’s effect to KY

Here you can find our latest actions and instructions regarding the Covid-19 situation, student life and KY.

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Here you can find information about KY’s organizational structure, KY’s history and our Annual reports.

KY’s Board and Personnel

Here you can find the contact information fo KY’s executive board, personnel, KY’s representative council and KY Foundation.

Kylteri magazine

Here you can find the website for the Kylteri
magazine published by the KY Foundation.

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