KY has six committees organizing the most magnificent events in town, looking after student advocacy, and taking care of back-office work, such as event advertising and fixing the cooperation agreements with corporate partners. By joining a committee, you will always learn something you’d never learn only by attending lectures. Would you like to become a master in event organizing or get some hands-on selling experience? These six committees make learning new skills possible!
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Academic Committee KOVA

The Academic Affairs Committee KOVA is the committee responsible for student advocacy, supervising students’ interests and co-operating with the School of Business. The work of the committee consists of regular meetings and discussions about the current academic issues as well as some study-related projects. KOVA for example arranges the traditional Proffalauluilta and names the Teacher of the Year.

As a member of KOVA you can even get a chance to evaluate the teaching skills of some professors and all KOVA members get to participate in academic discussions on the school level, university level and even national level. If improving our education and your own studies while getting new awesome friends is something that interests you, maybe you should apply to KOVA!

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Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy

The Sports and Wellbeing Committee, LiHy, organizes a wide range of events supporting students’ physical and mental wellbeing and promoting the feeling of community. LiHy arranges several events ranging from an urban adventure race Aalto City Challenge to a spectacular Autumn Hike and delicious Cake Buffets in KY Corner. The committee’s goal is to provide unforgettable memories and supply some balance to student life – and of course to have fun!

LiHy members can be recognized by the three stripes of their sporty Adidas jackets and their radiating energy. A year in the committee not only guarantees lots of new friends, but also provides a unique opportunity to organize events, improve leadership and teamwork skills and learn something new about event marketing.

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Corporate Relations Committee CORE

At the CORE of business! Corporate Relations Committee, CORE is the newest committee at KY. It was born as a renewal of the past committee Sales Academy.

The main mission of the committee is to support students’ work & career related endeavors by bringing companies closer to students. This is done by arranging events such as Case Night, PwC Afterwork, Trainee Night & Summer job Night. Also, excursions are arranged with the help of CORE.

CORE’s members have a unique chance to develop their sales and B2B skills by being in close contact with KY’s current corporate partners and potential new partners. These skills are also practiced when negotiating new discounts (KY Benefits) to our precious members.

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Cultural Committee KUVA

KY organizes various cultural events and parties for its members throughout the year. Many of these events are brought to students by the Cultural Committee KUVA, which is in charge of planning and arranging these events to suit the varying tastes of KY members. Whether you are interested in pub crawls or Wappu celebrations, the Cultural Committee produces an event for your liking!

Being a part of this team will profit you with more than just partying and having fun. The members of the Cultural Committee learn several aspects about project management and teamwork while enjoying the KY culture in great company!

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Masters’ Committee

Masters’ Committee caters to the needs of our Master’s level students, offering networking opportunities, sophisticated soirées and excursions customized for MsC students – and of course the chance to balance your studies by partaking in creating new event concepts for your fellow students.

Masters’ Committee arranges some traditional events like Masters’ Night and Pre-Christmas Party, but a lot is up to you! It also gathers new master’s mursus and former Aalto BIZ bachelor students to the same place so it will be sure you meet a lot of new people during your year at a committee!

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Tutor Committee

The Tutor Committee is responsible for recruiting, training and supporting all tutors in Aalto University School of Business. These tutors later lead mursus to the world of Aalto, academia, KY and a memorable student life. Mursus share unforgettable moments with their tutor and their tutor group, and the Tutor Committee makes sure that tutors are all top-notch and can create safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the new students.

Tutoring at Aalto BIZ is a shared project between KY and the school. Tutor Committee consists of the Tutor Coordinator and representatives for bachelor’s, exchange and master’s tutors, who take care of all the matters related to Bachelor’s and Master’s level tutors and exchange tutors in Aalto BIZ. The members of the Tutor Committee get to organize memorable events for tutors, get acquainted with tutor representatives from other Aalto schools, have fun together and build a fantastic team spirit!