Years in the Board of KY Foundation

The application period for student members of the Board at KY Foundation ends tomorrow on November 30th at 16! You still have time to send your application to Check more info here. Read what the current student members of KY Foundation’s Board have to say about their positions:

Five committees, three sub-committees, more than fifty clubs at KY and the list goes on – out of all these opportunities, what made me choose to spend two years as a KY Foundation Board Member? Well, let me tell you, it was all the things I listed above.

As a Member of the Board I’ve not only got a window seat to all the decisions made for our dear community’s future but been able to also contribute myself. The position gives a chance to both have an influence on big decisions and learning from people much more experienced than you, but also gain experience of systematic, hands-on work.

With a year left of my two-year-period, I definitely want to continue working in the subsidies committee. We are responsible for distributing money to KY’s clubs and any projects our members happen to come up with. This year I spent as the Chairman of the Committee but if an eager new board member starts next year, I’d be more than happy to continue as the Vice Chairman. Our most important task is to go through the applications carefully and distribute the money available as evenly as possible. For the upcoming year I hope we get even more interesting project applications – and, to achieve this, we need to spread knowledge of the subsidies.

In addition to committee work, all student members participate in board meetings as fully responsible members. If you want to have a say on what happens to KY Building or how the Student Center will turn out, you know where you should spend the following two years.

What comes for a suitable background, there definitely are no requirements – will to work for our community is key. If applying has ever crossed your mind, don’t hesitate to ask me more. Hope to have you on board!”

– Julia Österlund, a student member of the KY Foundation Board


“In a student community with gazillion different cool possibilities, one might wonder what makes a two-year stint as a member of the Board of KY Foundation worth it. It is true that KY Foundation does not itself organize dazzling events, and that the work done is not always very visible to regular students. However, please allow me to present you three good reasons why you should consider applying for the Board of the KY Foundation:

  1. Gain useful skills and perspective for life after studies. Student members of the Board get to work side-to-side with seasoned professionals in questions of investment and real estate management. You get familiar with how true experts approach issues and make decisions. I’ve learnt a lot during the last two years and applied this new knowledge also outside KY Foundation.
  2. Get to ponder the big picture in longer timeframe. The questions relevant to KY Foundation are not about specific events or current whims, but rather how we can ensure that vivid and active business student community can exist 10, 30 or 50 years from now. It is at the same time refreshing and humbling to think of the foundations of the community and how they can be preserved and improved.
  3. Meet interesting people and be part of the KY community. Even though KY Foundation acts mostly behind the scenes, it provides grants and assistance for almost every organization functioning in the KY community. I’ve had privilege to support cool ideas and encourage students to get out of their comfort zone to create awesome stuff. Being a member of the Board of KY Foundation allows you to have an impact on the KY community while doing things not very typical for student activities.

KY Foundation offers a chance to combine professional learning, deeper meaning and belonging to the community in a way that at least I have seriously enjoyed during my term here. If this sounds like your thing, do not hesitate to ask me (or any other board member) for additional good reasons to send the application.”

– Valtteri Ahonen, a student member of the KY Foundation Board


“By way of introduction, I have always been very keen to student life activities and to the politics that go along with it. I spent my first year at KY as a deputy member of the Representative Council (highly recommended, btw) and familiarized myself with what KY as an organization can offer besides the multitude of services and events you can, and should, attend to. Even though the KY Foundation is not that visible on a daily basis to the general business student population, I found myself pretty intrigued by it, and decided to apply for a student member position in the board. A decision I am yet to regret, to say the least.

Among the generic board work, I have had the pleasure to be in committees that contribute to both the Foundation’s real estate property and to investment management. During the year, we have evaluated the future of the KY Building, discussed the matters of the new student centre to be built in Otaniemi and the reallocation of the Foundation’s investment portfolio, to name a few. Sound pretty cool, right?

In addition to the important decisions being made by the board to ensure the sustainability of the current thrive of the business student activities, I must say that one of the best sides of this position is the steep learning curve you can achieve. The board consists of 6 student members and 6 professional members from whom you can learn a lot, especially when it comes to asset management and matters associated with it. Furthermore, you also get to know and meet with the sitting KY Board on different occasions which nicely broadens the experience even more.

To summarize, I strongly recommend applying to the Board of the KY Foundation. You get to influence the community and how its future will look like in the years to come while getting to know ambitious and driven people, and to learn a lot from our great professional board members. This short post is by no means adequate enough to fully describe the whole of KY Foundation and what it is like to be a board member. So, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other board members directly and we will be more than happy to answer them. Hoping to see you next year!”

– Touko Aroheikki, a student member of the KY Foundation Board


“For me, becoming a member of KY Foundation’s Board was a perfect solution after spending a year as the editor-in-chief of Kylteri magazine. This year KY Foundation is looking for two student members for 2018–2019 term as well as a Chairperson to lead the work of the Board in 2017.

During these two years I have been working (besides the board meetings) in Foundation’s subsidies committee. The committee (known as toto) reads through all incoming applications for subsidies and prepares the decisions for the board. As a member in the committee you really get a good view of all organized activities and clubs in the KY community.

The board ensures that the Foundation is working as necessary to achieve its purpose and that funds are invested in a secure manner while making a profit. The board meetings are a great place to gain information about investments, real estate and stock markets.”

– Taneli Kontiainen, a student member of the KY Foundation Board