Working in the board of KY Foundation

Hi all! Even though most of you probably know that KY Foundation exist, I would guess that relatively few are familiar with what the board of the foundation actually does. In the next few paragraphs I will try to open the tasks of the KY Foundation as well as convince you why you should apply for the positions of student member or chairperson of the board of KY Foundation.

Foundation for Business Students in Aalto University, in more brief form KY Foundation, acts for the best of students but working in the board of the foundation is not a usual student activity. The purpose of KY Foundation is to make sure that business students have the possibility to progress their dreams and do cool things – not only today, but also in the future. We control both the real estate in which business students can organize meetings and events, as well as the investment portfolio that allows us to give out grants and subsidies for e.g. associations and students going for an exchange.

KY Foundation is lead by a board that consists of 12 members: 6 of them are students and the rest already graduated, seasoned experts in the fields we operate. Student members of the board are chosen for 2-year term except the chairman who is chosen for the role for one year at a time. This year KY Foundation is looking for two student members for 2017-2018 term as well as a chairperson to lead the work of the board in 2017.

Position in the board of KY Foundation is a great way to gain experience on how experts manage real estate and investments; what factors impact the investment decisions and how asset management is done sustainably. The board is also a great place to seriously discuss and ponder what things create value for students in the longer term and how KY can do its best to make sure we enrich the lives of business students throughout their student times.

If KY Foundation sounds like an organization of which you would like to learn more I encourage you to contact me through any social media or just simply by traditional email or phone (my contact information can be found here). Also, feel free to throw questions at anyone else in our current board; the full list can be found at

Year 2017 will again have really interesting projects and it would be awesome to see new faces get the same learning experiences that I’ve had this year. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Valtteri Ahonen

Chairperson of the KY Foundation board 2016

The deadline for applications for positions of student member of KY Foundation board (2-year term) and chairperson of KY Foundation board (1-year term) is 22.11.2016 at 16:00. More information about the application process at