WhisKY spreads knowledge and the joys of whisky throughout Aalto University. Most of the time the club arranges intimate, chill and laid back tastings, where quality comes first but pricing stays reasonable. WhisKY tries to cover different areas, styles and whiskies around the world as much as possible. Tastings are usually arranged in a monthly fashion.

Some of the tastings come also with some extra spice, such as an option to enjoy the sauna or a cocktail bar. The finishing tastings of the semesters in the spring and winter also have something special in them in terms of specific more unknown whiskies that are extremely hard to find! WhisKY also organizes excursions to importing firms and distilleries.

The first tasting of the academic year is held in September, and is specifically aimed for mursus. In the event all the basics of whisky are covered, so you can jump straight to the interesting world of this fine spirit. You can find the club on Facebook and Instagram!