What’s an Art Director?

What’s an art director? First image that comes to mind is maybe that of some mustachioed, suspenders wearing guy in a sleek, minimalistic office yelling at a bunch of subordinates frantically hurrying along cups of coffee and proposed magazine layouts. Sadly, no one brings me any coffee (unless I ask really nicely). I don’t  have any subordinates, if you can believe it. And our office is more Ikea couches and energy drinks than white leather sofas and cups of espresso.


What I do get instead is a lot of creative freedom. Art director at KY is the sole person responsible for producing a lot of visual materials, and my coworkers are usually very happy to let me get creative. Want to flex your illustrator muscles? Got an exciting new typeface you want to try out? Go ahead! I’ve had so much fun trying out my ideas, and have received nothing but enthusiastic support for even the wackier ideas. And I still have a whole box of play-doh I’m itching to do something with…


Being art director also comes with responsibilities, and it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. You have to be firm with deadlines and remember to occasionally say no to projects as well. Thankfully there’s a whole communications sector who’s got your back. Tight deadlines don’t feel so bad when you can glance to your left and see the Kylteri editor-in-chief groaning about bad grammar and impossible interviewees.


It’s been an interesting year working for KY, to say the least. I really knew nothing about KY, or really about Aalto BIZ students in general (ARTS for life baby!) when I started here. Now I know a little, and what I don’t know my coworkers are always willing to explain. I’ve met a whole bunch of nice people, learned a lot and made a whole lot of graphic design I’m proud to put in my portfolio.


Oh, and don’t be fooled by the header image. I’m not forced to crouch on the floor all the time. I have a really nice electric standing desk.


Annukka Laine

Art Director

annukka.laine@ky.fi, 040 7327115

The application period for KY employees 2019-20 is open 2.-16.4.2019. Read more here and apply!