What is the representative council of KY?

The representative council of KY holds the highest decision power at KY. It consist of 21 people and a bunch of deputy members and decides on big, long term issues, such as the strategy of KY. This year for example we have decided to change the official name of KY along many other things. The representative council also decides the board of KY, so in the midst of this election time, remember that the board members were actually selected by us!

The members for representative council, on the other hand, are selected through election held in every two years. Currently we are in the middle of two-year term of the council so the next election will be held next fall. Even so, there is an application period related to the council open also now! The chairman of the representative council holds his or her time for one year at a time and now we need to elect a new chairman for next year as I leave the position of the chairman for 2016.

The chairman naturally chairs the monthly meetings of the council, as well as organizes the overall activities of the representative council. He or she is also a vital link between the council and KY office which is also an important, but not always that easy task to handle. Overall, many of the tasks involve working with people in various situations, so people skills are really a must for when working as a chairman!

Interested in becoming the next chairman of the representative council? Any KY member can apply; you do not need to be a member of the representative council! The application is a simple procedure as you only need to send a freeform application to the representative council’s mailing list (kye-list@ky.fi) by 15:00 on 29.11. The chairman will be selected in the representative council’s next meeting on the same day (Tuesday 29th), so it would be preferred if you could come by and introduce yourself. Although this is not mandatory.

Wishing you a sunny weekend,

Veera Soini

Chairman of the representative council 2016