Weird songs in a summerhouse


My name is Roosa Airaksinen and I am the current Art Director of Aalto University Business Students, also known as KY. 

If you come from outside of KY, like me, and you don’t know what exactly is KY, don’t worry I wasn’t that sure about it myself. I can promise that the first weeks or even months you will hear too many terms and understand too little. But that isn’t something to worry about either. You will have the most supportive and fun coworkers to help you and answer all of your questions, with excitement. They sure love KY.

So what does the Art Director do in KY and what are the responsibilities? Maybe you will have that image of a stressed out AD running around ordering the graphic designer, photographer or illustrator to deliver their works on time, meanwhile trying to keep the visual image and project together. Well, it is not exactly like that, as you will be all of those mentioned in one package. So luckily the only person you need to scream at is you. AD is alone responsible of all the visual work in KY. So you will need to have good organizational skills alongside with basic knowledge of Adobe programs, good visual eye and basic illustration and photographic skills. AD is also responsible of the layout of Kylteri magazine together with the Editor-in-Chief. 

My expectations of serious business people roaming around the office in their fancy suits didn’t end up to be true but my expectations about the diverse job responsibilities were as promised. There has been days of editing a magazine, creating business cards, leaflets and other graphic design material, days of photographing outside or in a studio, days of fighting with printers and making mistakes. But also there has been days in a summerhouse singing weird songs. So it is hard to say what my typical day is like as it is always changing. But I think my typical day in the office would be something like this:

9.00-9.30 Arrive to the office. If you come earlier usually the only one who will greet you is the empty office and there will be no coffee done. Apparently I make the worst coffee so I prefer to leave that task for someone else. 

9.30-11.30 Check the email, slack, finish the tasks from yesterday. Organize a little bit the day. Space out and stare out from the window for awhile. Start the next thing from the list. 

11.30-12.00 Eat too much. Especially if we go to get some sushi. It says buffet.

12.00 Take more coffee, continue with the tasks. 

14.30 More coffee, maybe curse the adobe programs, windows or the printer the latest at this point of the day.

16.30-17.00 Time to go home.

If I didn’t know what KY is when I started, well I’m still mixing the terms, but I’m getting there. Strangely green an orange have become my favourite colors and the weird songs from the summerhouse are going on loop in my head. Brainwashed or not, there has been many days doubting the fact if this is really my job. So I have to say that it has been a great year and it is coming to its end too quickly. 


Roosa Airaksinen

Art Director