We are looking for Wellbeing tutors!

There are a lot of challenges students might face during their busy years of studying,  whether it was stress, study pressure, balancing volunteer work with school work, or loneliness. KY has addressed this problem with Wellbeing tutors. Wellbeing tutors are an integral part of KY’s BeWell program, which aims to create a more open and transparent environment for KY members and make the discussion about difficult topics easier.

Who is a Wellbeing tutor?

A Wellbeing tutor is someone who is there to offer peer support for fellow students. Being a Wellbeing tutor means that you are an easy to approach person, who is open to discuss and help other students with challenges they might be facing. Topics can include for example making new friends after moving from another city, combining work or volunteering and studies, or struggles with self-criticism, just to mention a few.

  • The position of a Wellbeing tutor lasts for one academic year (starting from Fall 2021) with the possibility of extending it to two years
  • Students looking for peer support can contact you via email (provided by KY), an anonymous platform (TukiNet) or via your preferred means of communication

What does being a Wellbeing tutor offer you?

From being a Wellbeing tutor:
  • You get to help your peers through your own experiences
  • You get to improve the atmosphere at Aalto Biz by sharing your own experiences and challenges with someone who is going through similar things
  • You will be a part of a task force (toimikunta) with a bunch of other motivated Wellbeing tutors
  • You will receive a MTEA (mental health first-aid) training by Mieli ry for free, which will help you both in balancing your own life as well as in facing new kinds of situations

Who can apply as a Wellbeing tutor?

We are hoping to get applications from students from different backgrounds and majors. Whether you are a mursu or finalizing your studies, you are more than welcome to apply!
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact any of us: helmi.nuortimo@ky.fijohanna.hytonen@ky.fiminni.koivumaki@ky.fivilma.niemela@ky.fimarko.voutilainen@ky.fi

How to apply?

Please apply via the following link by 31st of May at 23:59:
The recruitment process will also include an interview.