Are you wondering how to spend the next few? Hoping for new experiences, looking for a way to give back to the KY community? Look no further!

Aalto University Business Students KY ry is looking for  an Executive Director!

The application period for Executive Director is 7.4.-21.4.2021.

Interested? Read more about the position, check out the job advertisement and Nina’s blog about her years on the job!

Executive Director

Nina Pitkänen

As the Executive Director of KY you will act as the executive head of the organization which includes many versatile tasks and responsibilities. Those will include things such as acting as an office supervisor to 7 employees, office operations and facility management, budgeting and other financial operations, strategic planning and public representation as well as recruiting and training new employees. In addition to this, you’ll be supporting the Executive Board and the Representative Council of KY.  

This position requires fluency in Finnish.

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Aalto University Business Students KY ry is also looking for employees for 9.8.2021 – 21.8.2022!

The application period for the employee positions is 30.3.-13.4.2021.

You can apply for more than just one position if you wish to do so but note that some positions do require fluency in Finnish. 

Interested? Read more about each position, check out the job advertisements and the current employees blogs about their years on the job!

Culture Producer

Topias Turppa

As a Culture producer you get to see behind the curtains and be in charge of the biggest annual events arranged at KY! Working alongside the KY board responsible for culture you are in for a ride of your life while organizing memorable things for all KY members. Culture Producer is one of the three Service Advisors, so selling KY merch, handing out KY stickers and responding to members’ questions is familiar.

In addition to this, you get to work closely with KY’s three subcommittees and the best of all, you’ll have the role of vice chair and secretary in the cultural committee KUVA!

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Association Coordinator

Sanni Lappalainen

The Association Coordinator communicates closely with all the clubs and subject clubs of KY, helping them ensure that their events and operations run smoothly alongside with the board member responsible for clubs. Training our volunteers about the workings of our premises and making sure everyone has the right set of keys for success is an important part of the job. Working as the second of three Service Advisors, you’ll be a part of the tightest team in the KY office.

In addition to all this, the Association Coordinator acts as the vice chair and secretary of LiHy, the wellbeing and sports committee!

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Communications Coordinator

Emilia Silius

At KY, the Communications Coordinator is in charge of making sure that the daily communication to KY’s stakeholders like volunteers and members runs smoothly alongside with the board member responsible for communication and brand. From writing the Monday Mail to managing KY’s social media platforms, in this role you’ll get to truly leave your handprint at KY by being creative. In this role you’ll be the third Service Advisor alongside with the Association Coordinator and Culture Producer.

Communications Coordinator also acts as the vice chair and secretary of the Masters’ Committee!

This position requires fluency in Finnish.

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Art Director

Landys Roimola

The Art Director at KY is responsible for all things visual. As a part of the communications sector, they work closely with the communications responsible of KY’s board and the Communications Coordinator on brand related issues and produce visual materials for KY. Together with the communications sector the Art Director also organizes trainings for KY’s volunteers regarding the basics of graphic design and KY’s brand.

In addition to this, the Art Director works as the layout designer for Kylteri magazine, so close co-operation with the Editor-in-Chief of Kylteri is also guaranteed!

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Corporate Relations Coordinator

Eemeli Paunonen & Daniel Harper Kakkonen

The Corporate Relations Coordinator operates as the link between companies and KY as well as the KY members. Negotiating and closing deals, managing the KY Benefits and taking care of KY’s yearly contracts with business partners alongside with the corporate relations responsible of the KY board is what the work of Corporate Relations Coordinator largely consists of. 

But that’s not all, because in this role you’ll also help run the Corporate Relations Committee of KY, CORE, acting as the committees’ vice chair and secretary!

This position requires fluency in Finnish.

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Administrative Assistant

Onni Syvälahti

As the Administrative Assistant, you are like the jack of all trades of the KY Office. With flexible hours, in this role driving the KY van, making sure that KY’s premises are in good condition and communicating with different stakeholders of KY will become very familiar quickly.

In addition to this, you’ll work closely with the Executive Director when it comes to other administrative tasks that need to be done to keep KY running!

This position requires fluency in Finnish.

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IT Coordinator

Joona Huikuri

IT Coordinator is the go-to person when KY Office and volunteers need help with anything IT-related: website, membership register, computers, cameras, networks and AV devices. You’ll work closely with TEKNISTÄ :​​​D committee and other KY’s volunteers who are in charge of technology at events.

Additionally IT Coordinator acts as the vice chair and secretary of KOVA, the Academic Affairs Committee!

This position requires fluency in Finnish.

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