Capstone: Business Intelligence 57E00500

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  1. I participated this course in fall 2015. I really enjoyed the course since topics were really interesting. Some of the lectures were excellent, some of them were not. Most of the lectures were guest lectures but guest weren’t only from companies but also different professors and researchers from our department – I liked that! Course lecturer really wanted to hear feedback and develop course already during the course, which I think is still pretty rare.

    There were three assignment during the course (50 % of grade). We didn’t get the assignments’ deadlines beforehand which was really frustrating. Assignments were not so good since instructions or workbook didn’t actually explain how the software works (IBM Cognos) and why we needed to do each step in order to get results we wanted.

    Exam: first part was concept definitions and second part was 4 essay question, all of the essay questions needed to be answered. Course book is mandatory to pass the exam.

  2. I participated this course in spring 2014. In this course, there was no proper guidance to softwares, which were used in exercises so most of the time was wasted just figuring out how to use the software (and still I can’t actually use them). The exam was nothing more than a book exam: only questions about acronyms mentioned somewhere in the book and nothing related to lectures or exercises! I didn’t pass the exam and not going to do it another time, I prefer to take Aalto Service Camp in Otaniemi. I would seriously expect more higher standards in the capstone course of my master programme.


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