Intellectual Property Rights 35E00800

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  1. A relatively light course, with knowledgable professors. Prepare for a significant term paper around the end of the course, with a small presentation before it – the topic of the paper is relatively free.

    Lecture slides difficult to get hold of/non-existant.

  2. Quite easy course and gives a good overall view on IPR’s. Workload is minus as each student had to write a 10 pages research paper with referations and research quiestions and all. Also, it was very unfortunate that required study material was a heavy book of more than 500pages and in Aalto’s library there was only one piece available. Soo not everyone got to read it and it was still mandatory for the exam. I got four as an overall grade, and I read the book, but my essay was probably weak which possibly lowered my grade. I recommend the course for such students who are interested in the economic view on IPR’s.


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