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  1. Good course to learn the basics of mysql. Teacher however goes through the slides super fast during the lectures. Attending the lectures, handson sessions and learning the slides will give you an easy 5 plus knowledge of SQL.

  2. Slidet täynnä typoja, myös koodissa.
    Tehtävänannot huonoa englantia, joten aina ei ole varma mitä pitäisi tehdä.

    Asia itsessään melko helppoa, mutta luennot/harkat eivät oikein tue oppimista.
    Kurssin tiedotus myös ala-arvoista.

  3. Pretty light course but it gives you a decent understanding of the basics of SQL. Definitely worth taking, whether your motivation is personal interest (SQL is a must know) or credits (Quite easy 6 credits).

    The teacher is OK. He knows what he is talking about and is decent pedagogically, but his heavy accent makes him slightly hard to understand sometimes. It’s not a dealbreaker but you have to listen carefully in the lectures.

    Getting a good grade from this course is easy. Just do the weekly assignments carefully and you’ll be pretty much quaranteed 4+ grade.

  4. I love the way the teacher make this SQL course so interesting. He talked about how SQL can be used in data manipulation, he talked about how what we can go further from SQL and how to apply SQL into practice. SQL could be a very dry and logical topic but through Yong Liu lectures I can feel that SQL is not so dry, so technical anymore. The workload is lighter than other Master courses, but it is a plus point for me as I don’t feel stressful about homework. SQL is a widely popular language, therefore I would recommend it to any business students even if the course is not included in your studies.

  5. The lecturer was very symphatetic, super excited about the subject and eager to help everyone to achieve the learning goals. However, the lectures proceeded way too slowly and the lecturer had severe difficulties with English, and sometimes it was difficult to understand what he was saying.

    As stated here before, the course was and still is way too easy. There were no prequisites, so some really basic computer stuff had to be taught to everyone. The content only scratched the surface of mySQL, even though there was enough time to go deeper. The weekly exercises (not affecting the grade) were mainly about copy-pasting examples from the lecture slides. The assignment (30 % of the grade) took only 2 hours to finish if done super precisely. The exam (70 % of the grade) required almost no preparation if you attentended the lectures.

    Super important topic but way too easy. I personally used approx. 30 hours for the course during the 7 weeks, which is far from the 6 ECTS * 27 h = 162 hours the course workload could’ve been.

  6. Hauska ja harvinaisen hyvin suunniteltu kurssi, jonka vetäjä Yong Liu on sympaattinen heppu. Kuten edellä mainittu, voisivat tehtävät ja tentti olla haastaviampiakin, mutta nykyiselläänkin mySQL:n perusteet oppii vähintäänkin hyvin.

  7. The course teaches basics about databases and mySQL language, which are one of the must-have skills for every ISM student. However, I felt like the course was way too easy and had too few assignments. Since it is such an important topic, I would have liked to learn much more complicated things and have ten times more assignments. The assignment from the course could be done in half an hour and accounted for 30% of the grade. The exam was also very easy and tested only theoretical knowledge about databases and mySQL. Hopefully the course will be more heavy in the future!


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