Project Management and Consulting Practice 37E01500

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  1. The course goes through some of the basic stuff about project management: making schedules, budgets, work breakdown structures, RACI graphs, communication plans, project risk management, introducing the Project Management Institute, etc. It also introduces stuff about what it is like to work with consultants / be a consultant: contract issues, client expectation management, etc. We also go through some examples on how some projects have epically failed.

    The course no longer has an exam. Instead, you now have to submit a 1-2 page learning diary every week (50% of grade). In addition to this there is a group project on a topic given by some company that changes every year (50% of grade). There are exercise sessions for getting the project done, in some of them you learn to use a bit of MS Project. You can replace either the learning diary or the group project by giving a presentation on a project you have managed or been on the Steering committee of.

    It’s an ok course for going through project management essentials in a guided way. The lectures are not mandatory, but worth attending if you want something more to write into your learning diary than just what it says on the slides (–> better grade).

    As the teacher says on the opening lecture, it is an easy course to pass, but if you want a good grade you should put in some effort.


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