Strategic Information Technology Management 37E00200

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  1. This course was a bit ambiguous and for me and it was difficult to catch a good overall view on the topic. However, it was a nice course and had a good lecturer and interesting topics. Workload was okay, about 3-4 group essays and one individual essay. Although I did poorly on the exam, my essay and effort in groupwork earned me total grade of 4.

  2. This course had insane amount of usefull topics. Lectures were little monotonic but quite interesting. Materials included lot of slides(mostly mediocre), 11 mandatory articles(most of them good) and additional articles which were also good. One tiny group work and group presentation(mandatory) and 1-2 page essays of 11 articles. Exam was mostly questions about articles and had strange questions like what was the research method in xxx article.

    Really useful and interesting course and lecturer was one of the top professionals of the topic but slides and exam could use some rework.


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