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  1. A rather easy course. While there were lots of assignment, none of them were particularly difficult. I wrote each article summary and lecture diary quickly in 20-30 minutes, and that was good enough for the lecturer – do not put too much time and effort into those, the boundary is not that high.

    Cases were rather easy as well, especially if you have a good group. We divided 4 questions so that each would take one and do it individually, so that everyone could do their part in 2-3 hours. Again, full points.

    Exam had 4 questions and you had to write short essays on 3 of them. If you attended the lectures that they were based on, then you should not encounter any problems.

    Overall: lots of small assignments that may seem daunting, but with the right attitude and mindset you should be able to sail through this course without much difficulties or use of time.

  2. Kurssilla kiinnostava aihe ja paljon mielenkiintoisia artikkeleita, mutta työmäärä aivan kauhea. Kurssin aikana piti kirjoittaa 8 oppimispäiväkirjaa, 7 artikkelianalyysia, 2 casea ja vastata pariin tutkimukseen+ tentti.

  3. A good course. Gives you solid understanding about platform-based economy. A lot of written assignments and a couple of cases are done.

    Quite heavy workload if you want a 5. No calculations or software used in the course. Lecture attendance 50% – mandatory.

    A good course that is very useful for ISM-students and others interested in the topic.

    Thank you Virpi & team!

  4. The teaching was very good and interactive, and the assignments were interesting. There were a lot of quite writing-heavy assignments, like a 5-7 page essay and 8 article reviews. Content of the course was quite interesting, however there is some overlap with other similar courses in the department. Grading was done fairly and I did not feel like points were deducted for no reason. However, grading of class participation could be improved because being active can be hard with 50+ students in the classroom. The exam was easy and if one did not read exam articles, max. of 6 points could be taken away, so would not recommend going through them since they are so hefty and complicated.


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