Information Systems Development 37C00200

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  1. The meaning of this course was left rather unclear to me, since I honestly didn’t learn anything that I would consider useful as a business student. Personally I’d say it would be more useful to learn to identify wanted features for a purchased software instead of ”developing” some sort of software architecture. The content of the course was mostly ”theoretical” models of software architecture, and we had no real-world cases to reflect the correctness of our exercises to. Also, the terms and models seemed to be somewhat contradictory with those found on the Internet.

    I agree with the previous comments, and in addition I must say that it is indeed unfortunate that the level of pedagogical skills varies so much among (BT) lecturers.

  2. Although initially the course description did sound fascinating, the course itself lacked content and didn’t offer much of a deep dive into the subject. Case studies were quite straightforward, with not much room left for thinking outside of the box.

    My thoughts are in line with lbib and js. A simple course of an interesting subject, but leaving a lot to ask for content-wise.

  3. In addition the course teachers were boring and not very inspiring. Most of the guest lecturers were good though, so I recommend to visit those.

    Otherwise js pretty much pulled it together.

  4. This course had very little to do with the real software development world. Topics were OK but the handouts were awful, hard to read and every set had a different layout. Terminology was a mess and all the terms was presented in a confusing way. Exercises were lot of fun and you might even learn something by doing those.

    just another inferior course of BT.


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