Data-driven Business 21E00052

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  1. I attended the course in 2018 and liked it a lot. Professor Schildt was qualified and knew much about the real world, giving novel concrete examples with insights instead of generic academical theory. There were one individual and two group assignments, as well articles for each lecture that were discussed, but given the lack of an exam the workload was light. This is a very similar course to Information Economy, but a lot more enjoyable and useful.

  2. 2016 was the first time the course was given, and it was a relative success. It doesn’t go too deep into the how of data-driven business, rather, it’s more about the why and what. However, professor Schildt took a very proactive approach to the feedback and likely will add more practical elements to it in the future. I recommend the course to those wishing to obtain a general, managerial view of the topic.


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