Vainu – Company of the Week: Vainu AIGrow programme

Combining Business Studies With Data-driven Sales at Vainu

We at Vainu are super happy and proud to introduce you our international Vainu AIGrow team. A group of 25 young professionals started working with us in the beginning of January in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Rotterdam offices. This is the first time, when we hired a bigger group of students to work part-time in a sales developer role.

The focus for this six-month AIGrow program will be to give hands-on experience on how modern, data-driven B2B sales is done in practice. Booking meetings is an important part of the sales process, and it’s also the team’s main focus. In addition, there will be continuous training sessions on AI, social selling, modern digital sales and marketing.

I interviewed Marjut Jokio and Joacim Mäkinen, third and second year economics students from our Helsinki team about their first month at Vainu.

Marjut and Joacim, you both have worked at Vainu for one month now. How has it been?

“My start at Vainu has been great because in our team everyone supports each other. It was easy to fit in as there are many young people working at Vainu and I like the encouraging atmosphere that we have at the office.” Marjut explains. Joacim agrees: “Working at Vainu has exceeded my expectations. I guess you’re always a little nervous when coming into a new organisation, but we’ve been welcomed with open arms!”

I’m so happy to hear that! What have you learned so far?

Marjut: “I have learned plenty about B2B sales and about different companies and industries as well. I think it’s very important to keep your eyes and ears open at the office as you learn so much from your more experienced colleagues.” Joacim has learned also a lot about himself: “The toughest part has been facing rejections when you know you could help the person on the other end. However, I think it’s the best part since this is where I can grow and develop the most.”


You both are full-time economics students. How has it been to combine studies and working at Vainu?

“Surprisingly easy” says Marjut. “Flexibility is very important for me in this kind of a part-time work. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but my current courses and this job go hand-in-hand which is very helpful!” she continues. Joacim: “Combining studies with work at Vainu has been very easy, being able to choose my own shifts according to my schedule is amazing. The variation provided by a combination of work and studies motivates me, since I enjoy having different kinds of days during the week.”

Now you have learned the basics of your every day work pretty well. Is there something that you are looking forward to in this six-month program?

Joacim: “I can’t wait for the different learning packages like AI and social selling. I also hope to develop a professional, systematic and data-driven view on sales, which will be of great use for the rest of my career.”

Marjut: “I’m looking forward to seeing how more experienced colleagues demo Vainu to potential customers. It’s interesting to see the real use cases for companies I have pitched Vainu.”

I am so happy to hear that we have succeeded at welcoming these new colleagues to Vainu. Looking forward to next autumn, when the second Vainu AIGrow will start.


Pauliina Päivärinta

Talent Development Manager atVainu