Vainu – Company of the Week: KY’s alumni Aamer Hasu

If you dream about a career as a consultant – join Vainu instead!

Saving the reputation of sales

Aamer Hasu is one of Vainu’s real-time sales experts, making sure all b2b sales people in Finland know better who to call to and why. This is also the best way to make sales more appreciated. It is like art, if you as a salesperson know who needs your product or service and in addition can predict the right time to contact them, sales becomes a series of interesting discussions that create value to both parties. And this is what we strive for at Vainu.


Tatu Turunen and Aamer Hasu are real-time sales experts at Vainu


Salesman since childhood

Aamer graduated from Aalto University School of Business in 2015. He studied marketing and ITP, and was active in KY student board as corporate relations responsive.

However a marketing student, already since childhood sales has been close to Aamer’s heart. During high school years he found his internal salesman by selling tickets to high school student parties. He was able to sell tickets to 95 % of students at his school and was thus far best sales person among high schools in Helsinki.

During his studies Aamer worked for social media agency Dingle. Back in 2010 they really had to sell the idea of being in social media to companies – and Aamer started to do this more actively than traditional content creators. Soon he was promoted as a sales director for Dingle, actively finding companies who need help with their social media presence. In 2015 Aamer also co-founded the startup Zadaa, a peer-to-peer market place for selling and buying clothes from people who share the similar size and style with you.

Joining Vainu

In the beginning of 2018 Aamer joined Vainu as a junior sales person, Business Development Manager. He wanted to return to b2b sales and thought that Vainu is one of the forerunners in the field of the data-driven sales in the whole world. Also his former KY colleague, Lauri Heiliö, worked for Vainu and made some impressive sales efforts when talking Aamer into applying to Vainu’s team.

According to Aamer, the best thing about working at Vainu is that your success is up to yourself. You’ll get the tools and coaching, but your own high activity level, systematic way of working and will to learn constantly leads you to great results. You also can make a difference with your own initiatives even as a junior sales person.

Making a difference – Aamer’s Excel

For example Aamer is known for his amazing Excel that has been also shared to Vainu’s customers to help them systematise their sales processes. Aamer takes notes on everything he does at work – how many sales calls he made, what time was this, how many picked up, how many took the meeting, how many got started with Vainu etc. Aamer always knows his own hitrate and what is the right time to call potential customers. After working few months systematically with Aamer’s excel, you’ll be able to predict your own numbers and, in addition, know what part you’ll have to improve to become better. And it’s not only about knowing your numbers, it’s also about taking some time every day reflecting your own work.

Data-driven future is bright

Aamer is really ambitious and looks forward to proceeding with his career. After 6 months at Vainu he was already promoted to do even more data-driven sales in Vainu’s brand new Real-Time Sales team. The next aims are tightly related to Vainu’s growth: if we manage to grow the company into new markets and new fields of expertise, there will be many new opportunities to talented and motivated people like Aamer.

Aamer’s goal is to make sales career attractive to each economy student. “If you want to become a consultant, you should join Vainu instead. Being good at sales is the fastest way to get to the board of directors. At Vainu you also get the chance to talk to heads of business and other decision-makers in various companies and build your own network – at very early stage of your career.”


Pauliina Päivärinta

Talent Development Manager