Vainu AIGrow – Trainee Program

We are starting a new international trainee program – Vainu AIGrow. In January 2019 there will be a big group of new Vainu AIGrow employees starting in Helsinki, Tampere, Stockholm, Oslo and Rotterdam. The aim of the program is to give students possibility to see how the AI will change crucially the way modern companies do business.


Every business student should understand that very soon the machine will do most of the manual jobs much better than human. We have to learn to play with the machine, not against it.


For now at Vainu we have employed the AI in the beginning of the sales process – we let the machine find us companies that are statistically most likely to buy from us. And here is where the human touch is still needed: to contact these companies and agree a meeting with them to show how the Vainu product could help them do better business. Vainu AIGrow is our growth engine, and our Vainu AIGrow employees will ensure that all the companies the AI picks from the big mass will be contacted.


As part of the six-month Vainu AIGrow program we will walk you through the mysteries of modern sales and marketing. Our Social Selling course will brush up your skills in personal branding and networking and you’ll get a basic understanding on how digital marketing enables sales efficiency. Furthermore we will talk about sales in 2020 – the world has changed and nowadays sales is done in a whole different context than some years back. The pace of the change is only getting faster. These are things you don’t learn at school. Go and check our career page for applying the program!

From the video below you can check out the short introduction of Vainu AIGrow: