We are hiring!


Apply for KY – Aalto University Business students 2.4.-16.4.2020!

Note that fluency in Finnish is required for all positions.


Once again KY – Aalto University Business Students is looking for new, enthusiastic and motivated employees to start working at the KY Office next fall 2020. 

KY as an employer offers you a lot of responsibilities but also freedom. Our unique working culture and the feeling of making a difference are aspects that make working at KY so special – once in a lifetime experience.

  • Responsibility: A position in KY’s tight working community will give you a lot of responsibilities, but also a freedom to express yourself and make your own decisions. 
  • Freedom: You will have an opportunity to learn a lot from your area of expertise and also from yourself. 
  • Working culture: Our easygoing and relaxed Office will definitely give you some unforgettable experiences and memories.
  • Making a difference:  A year at KY’s Office will also give you a great opportunity to leave your signature to KY’s history and have an impact on how KY will look like in the future. 

The application period is open until 16.4.2020 23:59. You can find more information about each position from the links below. Also, our current and former employees will tell more about their experiences at the KY Office in the following weeks at KY’s official channels – stay tuned! Check out our Instagram and read the blog posts of each position from the links below. 

We are looking for five employees to full fill the following positions; Art Director, Associations Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Culture Producer and Sales Coordinator. You can see the specific requirements for each position from the links below (in Finnish only).

Art Director – Read Roosa’s blog about the position!

Association Coordinator – Read Jarkko’s blog about the position!

Communications Coordinator – Read Elina’s blog about the position! 

Culture Producer – Read Arttu’s blog about the position!

Sales Coordinator – Read Mark’s blog about the position!


Applications and CV must be sent 16.4.2020 23:59 at latest to Executive Director Nina Pitkänen by email nina.pitkanen@ky.fi.

You can ask more information about positions from Executive Director Nina Pitkänen (050 043 0546, nina.pitkanen@ky.fi) or from the current personnel. You can find their contact information from here.