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A year of growth, community, and connections.

Real talk, no year in my life before 2020 has been this hectic and full of emotions and memories. A year of social distancing, big and hard decisions and TF home deliveries. But even with all the twists and turns, ups and lows, I have to say that this has been the year I will most likely look back with the hugest of smiles and cherish it for the rest of my life. I got to spend the year with an amazing group of people who always looked after and supported each other. A group you could always count and rely on and get crazy with no matter the time or the place.

Someone said at the start of my KY Board year that after your KY Board years, you will not remember the work you did but you will always cherish the people you did the work with. I don’t know about the first part yet, but the second part, pretty much on the nail.


(Hello KY!) My name is Topi Ronkainen, commonly also known as the Announcer and as the “Hartwall dude”, and I’m the responsible for Culture, New Students and Volunteers at KY’s Executive Board. I am a 5th year student studying ISM and I am very excited to share my story with you dear reader. Buckle up and let’s get into it.

KY Board, Culture, New Students and Volunteers during 2020?


Even though all KY Board members have different and selected responsibilities, the KY Board is a collective and the actual board work does take a lot of time as well. As the KY Board upholds the highest operative/executive power, KY Board’s responsibility is to make the big decisions to determine the future and direction of KY. Especially in a year like 2020, the Executive Board’s responsibilities become more important.

Alongside Board responsibilities, each Board Member works within the selected sectors. For me, those are Culture, New Students and Volunteers.


Being the Culture, New Student and Volunteers responsible, you’re immediately in the center of everything great about KY. KY upholds the best student experience in the world, something that cannot be compared to anything else. KY truly offers an experience of a lifetime that can’t be replicated and being able to be a part of it has been surreal.


The work mostly consists of coordinating with all the different players operating under the KY’s Cultural umbrella such as all the Subcommitees, the amazing KUJ, NESU & SUB, Committees and Task Forces such as the Kiljukaula Renewal, Annual Ball and Goodbye KY Committees and of course my two spectacular Committees KUVA and TC. Leading your own Cultural Committee, KUVA, and being a part of Tutor Committee, TC, offers me the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people in order to organize the most traditional KY events and the always amazing Orientation week for all KY members. I am constantly surrounded by motivated and simply astonishing people and volunteers working towards a better and brighter KY and there is not much I can complain about. A massive thank you to all of you who have been a part of this crazy ride. This truly is one for the books!

Oh my God, Hhemoo and Naughty

My three most used words in 2020!

And with this donkey-bridge, if I were to choose my favorite moment from the year 2020 I have to say it is a hard task. Not only because there is so many to choose from, but because the year was so different in so many aspects. Traditional was not in the dictionary.

But to choose one, I would have to select our 109th Annual Ball and the whole KY week. Just two months after being selected to the KY Board, we had the honor of representing KY in the grandest event of the year. Learning the correct etiquette and how to dance properly, entertaining guests at the actual Annual Ball and concluding the week in the best Sillis I’ve ever been in or experienced. I felt so honored to represent KY, a community I love. It was an amazing start to the most unique year of my life.


And lastly, a message of hopeful joy to you, dear reader. Even in the lowest of lows with the global COVID-19 pandemic, I can’t find a cell in my body that would say that I regret applying and accepting a position in the KY Board 2020. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve laughed a lot. I’ve helped people and I’ve been helped by people.


If you, dear reader, ever want to sit down and discuss what KY might look like in 2021, do not hesitate to be in contact.


2020, hhemoo sets!


Topi Ronkainen

+358 40 083 4570