Topias’ Blog – Year as the Culture Producer

If I had to describe my job as a culture producer in one word, I would say that it is surprising. Each morning brings new challenges to overcome and opportunities to develop KY’s culture even further. 

The role is also very engaging and often I realise that I’m working outside of usual office hours. Perhaps because of the intensity and diversity of the role, it is difficult to describe the past year and my work assignments, so I decided to ask the KY community how they see the role of the cultural producer and its impact on the community.

These answers may tell you how versatile and unique the task is. Year has taught me a lot about handling stressful situations, keeping in contact with stakeholders during exceptional times and handling a pretty big budget. 

In summary, working in KY is a unique opportunity to improve student life among the Kylteris. Job offers amazing experiences, great memories and fun times =)


Comments from Aleksi, Board member responsible for Culture:

“Working with Topias has been awesome. Definitely one of my favourite tasks in the board of KY has been leading the Cultural Committee together with Topias. We have been running weekly online meetings, which have definitely been a stable highlight during these months. As the pandemic situation has changed almost everything about the daily lives at KY, but working alongside Topias has helped tremendously. Working in the culture sector alongside our beloved culture producer has been absolutely amazing, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”


If you want to know more about working at the KY or Culture Producers responsibilities, slide to my DMs or message me on WhatsApp!. 


Topias Turppa

Culture Producer 2020-2021

040 756 1806