The year of inclusiveness

I had just come back from my exchange period in Hong Kong and was working full time during the autumn of 2018. I had enjoyed exciting adventures around the world during the spring the and a serene summer on top of that, and I guess the beginning of studies in early autumn was when I seriously started to consider applying for the board of KY. A couple of weeks and one Facebook message later, asking if I had maybe “thought of applying”, the final choice was made and here I am. A year later I couldn’t be happier about that choice.

As the wellbeing, international affairs and clubs responsible, I have learnt to go out from my comfort zone. The year has been full of experiences, meetings and other group and individual projects to improve these aspects from the KY community’s point of view. My board work consists of these three areas alongside the collective board duties.

First of all, wellbeing vice I’m the chairman of our amazing Sports and Wellbeing Committee (LiHy), which organizes events focused on student wellbeing and sports. I’ve also worked with wellbeing issues on a broader level in groups with e.g. the school of business (MONTA-group, which discusses e.g. inclusiveness related issues) and FSHS and individually by improving KY’s get help page, taking part in volunteer and mursu orientation through code of conduct trainings etc. During the year, enhancing student wellbeing has become an important part of my mind.

International affairs are my second big and versatile responsibility. From meeting our Nordic colleagues in the Nordic Forum and annual balls to discussing key issues in KY’s internationality from an internal perspective with the International Committee, KY office and clubs. I’ve learnt that big changes and long journeys require small steps and that’s how I see internationality developing at KY. It is about encouraging our associations to use more and more English in their events and it also is about emphasizing the international nature of our community in the KY office and culture.

Then again, clubs have got something to do with both wellbeing and internationality. With our association coordinator Jarkko, we host the club forums and keep in touch with our clubs on a regular basis. We aim towards the situation where everyone is heard in the community and we try to help our versatile clubs in any way we can. And as said, internationality and wellbeing matters are best discussed with our members and the clubs.

Overall, the year has been full of challenges, fun times and unforgettable experiences. As my friends before me, I can say that I wouldn’t change a day for anything else. Most importantly, I have gained friendships to last for a lifetime and the people with whom I’ve shared all of this, are the best thing in all of this. I admire all of you, thank you. And thanks to my significant other, who has gone through this journey with me and endured everything, I love you.

If you’ve thought about applying, I recommend to go for it. Cheers.


Ville Koikkalainen

Member of the Board

Wellbeing, International affairs, Clubs