The story behind 10 key numbers

What do you really do in KY?” – is the most common question I have heard during this year.


So I decided to show my KY year in numbers:

65 Meetings with the School

50 Morning schools with the Board

28 Weekly meetings with the Office

16 Meetings with Masters’ Committee

9 Study Tips published

7 Annual Balls

6 Meetings with AJPJ

5 Organized big events

4 Given speeches

1 Partner in crime


Roughly, I use about half of the time for my sector affairs and another half for general board responsibilities.


What is the story behind the numbers?


65 Meetings with the School. It is not always easy when you’re the voice for 3000 students in business school and try to do the best advocacy for all of them. It needs a lot of preparation, meetings and work in between. The work that I’m doing for academic/educational affairs is not always visible either. Also the schedule for changes can vary from one day to five years. But still as a responsible for educational affairs, you can really make an impact and that is the best part.

50 Morning schools with the Board. We have them in every Wednesday and Thursday mornings. You really should have a good reason to not to go there. In the morning schools, we discuss current topics.

28 Weekly meetings with the office. Every Wednesday at 9 o’clock, we have a meeting with the whole office. In the meeting, we share the current things in our plate as well as our feelings.

16 Meetings with Masters’ Committee. I’m also the chair of Masters’ Committee. This year, we have had nine members in the committee with different backgrounds. We are organizing events which are mainly targeted for Master’s students. With the committee, we have had these meetings, but also many fun nights and cottage trip in the free time.

9 Study Tips published. This year, I decided to start a new Instagram story set where I’m publishing different tips regarding to studies and learning. In the late spring, I noticed that I have heard some useful information in the meetings that I believe the students don’t know yet. And I wanted to share the information to our members.

 7 Annual Balls. One aspect is of course to represent KY in different events. A couple of weeks ago, we were with whole board in Mikkeli in Probba’s annual ball. In addition to annual balls, there are also many other events organized by clubs, subject clubs or sub-committees where to go.

6 Meetings with AJPJ. AJPJ is a network for chairpersons of subject clubs. We have met roughly once in a month and in addition we have had a couple of after-works during the summer. The purpose is to have a peer-support network, where we discuss about the best practices, concerns, communication with the school, motivating the board and all the other things between sky and the land.

5 Organized big events. Four of these are events organized by Masters’ Committee during the past year. Every event has a main organizer and team consists from two to four people. That way the committee members have also more responsibility and they can improve their project coordinating and leadership skills.

4 Given speeches. Most of these speeches were given in the graduation ceremonies. It might be quite surprising but it’s still one of the tasks that the academic/educational affairs person in KY does.

1 Partner in crime. In KY Board, we are doing the advocacy together with Heikki Helaniemi. We have spend many hundreds of hours together talking about things related to academic affairs. He is the only one from  the board who can understand my bad academic affairs related jokes during our board’s morning school.


If you are still thinking whether to apply or not, I courage you to do so! It is the decision that you won’t forget!


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