The search for tutors is on!


Want to be part of one of the most important projects in KY and Kauppis? Search for tutors is here and it’s open until midnight 2.3.! 

We are looking for positive and outgoing personalities, who want to help and meet new people. The core mission of every tutor is to lead new students into Business School studies, KY and Aalto community. Tutor 2016 understands what mursus need and, if necessary, encourages them to find right activities for them. 

There are four kinds of tutors to choose from: bachelor’s, open uni, master’s and exchange tutors. You’ll find more detailed information about these below.

No earlier experience is needed, we organize trainings and events so that you can get the information and tools to be the best tutor. We hope you mark these events to your calendar:

8.4. Kick off for bachelor and open uni tutors
11.4. Kick off for master and exchange tutors
12.4./13.4./3.5./4.5. AYY’s tutor trainings (pick one, two of these dates will include international tutor training, exact dates TBA soon!)
6.5. Aalto pair sitsi party
27.5. Get-to-know evening
24.7. Summer day
15.8.& 23.8. KY’s tutor training for bachelor and open uni tutors
16.8. & 24.8. KY’s tutor training for master and exchange tutors
20.-21.8. KY’s tutor cottage in Kiljava
2.9. Jäänmurtajaiset
5.-9.9. Orientation week
15.9. Mursujaiset 

Tutor interviews start in the beginning of March and we will inform you about interview schedule as soon as possible.

Bachelor tutor

Did you enjoy your Orientation week? Would you like to experience all that again – from TUTOR’S perspective? Do you find important to lead new mursus into Business School, KY and Aalto community? You will meet new, awesome people – both mursus and other tutors – and play a crucial role in welcoming the new students into our community. 

As a bachelor tutor you get your own mursu group to guide and help them to survive through fall full of new adventures. Because of their studies many mursus move to a new city so you have a crucial part in helping them to adapt to a new environment. 

Open uni tutor

As we read from Kylteri magazine last fall, entrance examination and cram school is not the only way to Aalto BIZ. Open uni Mursus are new bachelor students who have done traditional Mursu-studies in Open University and that way gain their place in the business school. Open uni tutors mission is to help mursus as a normal bachelor tutor would do, only with few differences: open uni mursus are already familiar with the studies in Aalto and they have chosen their major, so you’re role is to guide them to the student life and the practices of Aalto BIZ. 

Master tutor

Are you a master’s student or becoming one next fall and interested in meeting new people? Apply for a master’s tutor! 

As a master’s tutor you get to accommodate new master students to our Business School in Töölö. You get to know lots of new people and create networks that can help you in your future career. As a master’s tutor, you also experience project and team management which gives you worklife-relevant skills of working with people from various backgrounds. What’s more you get to know different cultures and improve your English skills! 

Being a master’s tutor does not require as much as time as bachelor’s tutor, as the orientation week is different and it focuses more on career and studies. This year the orientation week starts as late as 5th of September, so the summer job shouldn’t be a problem.

Exchange tutor

Every semester over 100 exchange students arrive to Aalto BIZ. Have you ever thought how cool it would be to get to know these people? As an exchange tutor this is possible while having a great time with them! 

Being an exchange tutor is a great way to make new international friends from all over the world, show your skills in a new context, learn languages and experience new things. Tutors will be one of exchange students’ first contacts when they arrive to a new country and school so you will surely find your tutor group full of excitement and questions. You will be an important part when bringing international students and Finnish student life and culture closer together.

New exchange students arrive once in a semester so you will actually have a chance to get a new tutor group twice during the year! If internationality is your thing and you want to spend some time with an awesome crew apply for exchange tutor!

Fill the application form now! 

Contact information:

Drop by at BIZ main building lobby (Töölö) 25.2. at 11-14.30



Milla Parviainen

Member of the Board
New Students, Masters, Sports