The search for the Annual Ball Committee 2019 is now open!

How would you feel about organizing KY’s most extravagant party of the year? Next February it is time for KY’s 108th anniversary, and we are hiring! Apply for the Annual Ball Committee!

The application period for the chairman candidates starts this Sunday, the 23rd of September and ends 7th of October. The committee members’ application period starts on the 23rd of September and continues until the 14tf of October. Last year the committee’s positions besides the chairman include graphic design, corporate relations, catering, communications, decorations, program and invites.

“The chairman is responsible for taking charge of the overall budget and concept of the event, the music, the theme and the program to name a few. This includes scheduling the meetings and assisting the committee members with whatever is needed, as well as making sure that everything planned gets done in time. The chairman also chooses the committee members, often with the cultural secretary. From my personal experience, being the chairman was the best, and a great opportunity to make the annual ball exactly as great as you’ve hoped, and at the same time influence how KY is presented to outsiders, together with a great team. It also gives a good overall view of all the work involved in the five-month period putting the event together.

The chairman position is perfect for anyone who loves projects, large scale events, spending money and, naturally, carrying stuff. The end result is insanely rewarding and you get to take part in picking the menu and taste it too. I highly recommend everyone interested to go for it, chairman or committee position, great time guaranteed.“

– Pauliina Holm, Chairman of the Annual Ball Committee 2018, KY107

If you are interested in applying, please send your free-form application to by the deadline. Please inform us in the application whether you are applying for the chairman or for a committee member.

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Anna Halsas

Member of the KY Board (Cultural Affairs)

+358 40 0417885


Nora Jarner

Secretary for Cultural Affairs

+358 40 70113803