The results of Mountain Man architectural competition revealed

The results of the Mountain Man architectural competition were published today, on April 25th. The Mountain Man competition was organized during the year 2016 and focused on the urban landscape of the competition area. The competition was organized by Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) in co-operation with Senate Properties. The main goal was to achieve supportive material for the new urban approach of the city planning of Chemist’s block. KY, TF and AYY are not financially involved, and were not involved in organizing the competition, but the competition’s jury had one student representative.

The student organizations are thankful that the competition programme included student housing projects and the new possible Student Centre planned by TF, AYY and KY. The entries were really interesting and we will have a further look into them as the results are now public. However, we do not want to speak out yet, as we haven’t had enough time to familiarize ourselves with the results yet.

Regardless of the result, KY, TF and AYY will continue working in close cooperation with the city of Espoo and the land owners of Chemist’s block to ensure the best possible conditions for a Student Centre that matches our goals. The Student Centre is envisioned to facilitate a “Meeting point Aalto 24/7” in Otaniemi, something that even the city planning committee of Espoo has mentioned in their theses for the development of Otaniemi.

The competition contributions can be viewed at and the announcement about the competition result can be seen at

Best regards,

Toni Tenlenius / KY

Pyry Huhtanen / AYY

Onni Lampi / AYY

Cosmo Jenytin / TF