The future starts from the forest – Metsä Group

Virtual reality, replacing plastic, energy self-sufficient mills, solutions for overcrowded cities… Some could think, that these are visions of the future, but here at Metsä Group they are the things we are working with today. With the natural renewable raw material of northern wood from sustainably grown Finnish forests the possibilities are limitless.


As a Marketing Communications Specialist at Metsä Group I’m able to combine both business and design know-how acquired from my studies at Aalto University. I graduated from the Aalto School of Business in 2013. My major was Communication in Business and Economy with a minor in Graphic Design at the Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

At Metsä Group I started in 2014. Working at the group level, I get to manage our brand by collaborating with all our business areas all the way from the forests through engineered wood and future bioproducts to everyday consumer products. This value chain from forest to consumers makes Metsä a unique forest company, making my work meaningful and endlessly fascinating.


Combining business and visual knowledge

How have my studies helped me in my work? Be it planning a national marketing campaign with an ad agency, supervising a photoshoot in a forest or consulting a colleague on how to visualize our business strategy, you need to have knowledge on both how the business and the principles of design work. Visual communication always has its roots in both substance and form. Through combining different kinds of studies, I got the chance to build a knowledge base that has helped me create an interesting career path and value for my employer.


Cooperation is key

At Metsä, we have created truly immersive marketing actions. For example, in 2018 we built a unique wood constructed visitor center, Pro Nemus, in Äänekoski next to the world’s first next generation bioproduct mill. The center features exhibitions and interactive experiences utilizing cutting edge technology to demonstrate visitors the possibilities and future of the forest industry.

One of our recent marketing campaigns, Intelligent Forest, communicated the future of forest management and our new technology helping forest owners. This campaign was visually executed through projecting information onto actual trees real time, which was a first for the forest industry.  Also, to illustrate the future uses of pulp we created objects such as shoes and headphones from wood-based materials in cooperation with Aalto Chemarts.

At Metsä we have a culture of cooperation and of making things happen. However, just as in a well-functioning bioeconomy, we also need partners, such as innovative agencies and creatives, in all this. On the substance side, we can always lean on our colleagues and experts. Every time you need to find a perfect forest to project graphics onto during a summer night, know how much carbon dioxide a wood constructed structure binds or get some pulp bales (which weigh tons) arranged to form an imaginary column chart, nothing seems impossible to our colleagues and they are just a phone call away.  

During my years at Metsä I’ve accumulated knowledge on different aspects and angles of the forest industry. The more I learn, the more excited I get for the future. The forest industry encompasses the history, today and the future of Finland.

Kai Heinlahti

Marketing Communications Specialist at Metsä Group




Kai Heinlahti works as a Marketing Communications Specialist at Metsä Group. He has graduated from Aalto School of Business in 2013 majoring from Communication in Business and Economy. Kai is an expert in visual communication and his handprint is seen in Metsä Group’s brand.


Metsä Group is a forerunner in sustainable bio-economy utilizing renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We focus on wood supply and forest services, wood products, pulp, fresh fiber paperboards, and tissue and graseproof papers. In 2018, Metsä Group’s sales totaled EUR 5.7 billion, and it employs approximately 9,300 people. The Group operates in nearly 30 countries. Metsäliitto Cooperative is the parent company of Metsä Group and owned by approximately 103,000 Finnish forest owners.