Suomen Ekonomit & Working Life Skills of Academic Professionals -course

**Please notice that this course is held in Finnish.**

Working Life Skills of Academic Professionals -course. Do not let the dryish name bluff you. This two-day combination is hard as rock, and you will notice the importance of it, which you will immediately recognize at the first steps of your career. Your working life skills will leap to a new stage and you are more prepared for the challenges you meet daily at work.

Working Life Skills -bootcamp emerged from the needs and wishes of business students and Young Economists. Many would have desired concrete working life skills at the end of their studies.  Finding your own direction and meaningful work is important and bringing extra security to overcome the challenging situations in working life would be surely a welcomed thing for each of us.

Many of us are willing to learn and understand managerial work more in depth. Growing your knowledge, you will be stronger to make the headway and insist the right salary for you. Feedback from previous working life courses has been great and no wonder. The instructors consist of experts which are specialized in training economists, labour law and top-level job marketers who can tell the toughest curves of the labour market in plain language.

“Absolutely a great set!”

“Of these studies you will gain benefits for a long time”

“The most useful course ever.”

“This should be compulsory for every Master’s degree business student”

“It was definitely a privilege to be involved.”

During the course, you will learn through practical exercises, how to distinguish yourself and succeed in job search, negotiation of employment contracts and wage bargaining. You will also gain practices for working in the real world by experimenting in the role of a supervisor through case tasks created from the most typical situations in a work community. You will learn to understand which things of working life are in the middle of the discussion in our society and what should you know of these issues. Your opinions will not be depending anymore completely on media and the information works as your strength e.g. in conversations with your employer.”

The course is held at Töölö campus during 17.-18.12. and you can join it through the course code 20C00201 in Weboodi.

You will get 1cr and course certificate for the enthusiasm to educate yourself in working life.



Written by:

Tanja Hankia

Client Relations Specialist

Suomen Ekonomit