Suomen Ekonomit – Make the Most of Our Legal Services

By Annika Pohjolainen (Legal Counsel at the Finnish Business School Graduates)

The legal services of the Finnish Business School Graduates (Suomen Ekonomit) are some of our most popular services. Members get personal legal advice on a range of topics concerning employment relationships under Finnish law, such as terms of employment, codetermination proceedings, terminations, vacation, and family leave. Our lawyers also provide commentary on contracts, such as employment contracts, exit agreements, and managing director agreements. Whether you need legal advice on a happy occasion (negotiating your dream job, for example) or for less pleasant reasons (e.g. looming lay-offs, workplace conflicts, possible discrimination), we’re happy to help.


If a disagreement between an employer and employee is escalating to the point where the matter looks headed to court, it’s good to discuss the options with our lawyers. Even if negotiations between the parties are at a stalemate, it can help to have one of our lawyers contacting the employer on the member’s behalf, either for more information or to attempt to reach a settlement. Naturally, our lawyers only ever contact employers at a member’s explicit request – our legal services are always confidential.


How Can I Be in Touch?

The fastest way to reach our lawyers, is to call our legal advice phone line, operating weekdays 9-12 AM (tel. +35820693205). Usually, your call will go through to a lawyer immediately. Should there be a temporary rush on the services, you can leave us a call-back request, and one of our lawyers will be in touch as soon as possible. If you need a lawyer to have a look at documents, such as to comment on a contract draft, a separate time for the commentary can be agreed with the lawyer answering the phone. No reservation is required to call the phone line.

We also have an online booking system for making advance reservations with our lawyers. Usually best for less urgent matters. Comes with the convenience of submitting any documents while making the reservation.

At present, we have eight lawyers providing legal advice. We answer questions in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Our website lists answers to some common employment questions and links to guides and contract templates.

We also have legal services for entrepreneurs in Finland. Our own lawyers provide advice on a handful of topics, such as starting out as an entrepreneur and entering into a shareholders’ agreement. Members may also explore offers from our partners, such as the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) and the legal services firm Fondia.


Insurance: Help with Legal Fees?

The Finnish Business School Graduates has professional liability and legal protection insurance applicable under particular circumstances. Members may have access to insurance benefits, e.g. as concerns a dispute regarding one’s employment.

Student members are not automatically encompassed by these insurance benefits – instead, they apply only for full members (i.e. graduate members) and for student members who have opted for the KylteriPlus extra service package. As always with insurance: terms and conditions apply – we’re happy to provide more information on the insurance benefits on offer.


But Aren’t Lawyers Intimidating?

As a lawyer, you sometimes hear that it can feel intimidating to be in touch. I’ve heard of people worrying that they won’t know all the right legal terms when asking their questions or that lawyers are mainly concerned with snidely telling people off. However, all our lawyers are here precisely to answer legal questions. Collectively, we speak to thousands of members each year. Our job is to help empower our members in their decision-making, we do this by providing information and advice on the legal framework, as well as on options and risks.

There really are no “stupid” questions when it comes to the law. Better to check on something you’re unsure of ahead of time. Usually, in legal matters, the earlier one is in contact, the more options may be available. If a contract gives you pause: better to check with us before signing. However, at whatever stage in a matter you contact us, we will do our best to help. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch!