Subject Clubs


Subject clubs represent the variety of subjects taught at the Aalto University School of Business: each study program has a club of its own organizing leisure time activities and maintaining good relations with the staff of the university. The clubs also arrange excursions to visit future employers and familiarize students with the fields in which they will work. Despite the subject specific alignment, everyone is welcome to attend the events regardless of study background – it’s enough to show interest in the matter!


Aalto M!B

Aalto Management and International Business, shortly M!B, is a subject club for all students interested in these named subjects at the Aalto University. The aim is to lobby the interests of management and IB students both in the academic and work life, to connect the members with the faculty of the Management & IB department and to organize various activities such as company visits, training sessions and social gatherings for our members. The languages used in M!B are both English and Finnish.

You can contact Aalto M!B board through or visit the website and



Jury is the subject club for business law students, established already in 2003. The club aims to bring together business law students, protect their interests and improve students’ relations to future employers. Events vary from excursions to casual nights out and all KY members are welcome to join! The biggest, most legendary events are held during the fall semester – you should check out JuryJurrit, a casual party to start of the semester in September, and the combined pre-Christmas party and annual meeting, during which the new board is selected. For more information about Jury and its events, check out the Facebook page at


KY Communication

KY Communication is the subject club for students majoring or minoring in communication at Aalto University School of Business. The club’s events and activities give communications students an opportunity to build their future career, learn professional skills and network. Events organized by the club include casual parties, career events and trainings. This year the themes of trainings have been self-branding and coding. KY Communication operates in close connection with the Department of Communication. Most of the events are organized in English – everyone interested in communication is welcome to participate!

KY Communication’s board is chosen every year at the annual meeting in December. You can contact the board by emailing Check out the Facebook page for more info:


KY Finance

KY Finance is an English-speaking association for finance students and students interested in finance at Aalto University. KY Finance’s goal is to help finance students develop knowledge and skills relevant to the field, and to connect talented students with the top employers.

KY Finance cooperates with multiple local and international companies to organize high quality networking events, including the London Investment Banking Trip and the legendary Poker Tournament at Casino Helsinki. KY Finance actively promotes open internship and full-time positions via a mailing list and its Facebook site. You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending a request to To learn more about KY Finance, open positions, and the latest events, visit



Probba ry is the student organization of the Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. With more than 250 members, it functions under KY as a subject club.

Probba was founded in 1989 when the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) was established in Mikkeli. Hence, the Student Association’s name derives from the words “Pro-BBA”, which is Latin for “in favor of BBA”.

Probba ry’s primary responsibility is to guarantee the best possible study experience to all students at the Aalto BIZ Mikkeli Campus by promoting students’ interests and academic culture, acting as a link between students and different stakeholders, and arranging a wide range of amazing leisure events (AKA The Mikkeli Spirit).

The club mainly operates in English and can be contacted at or at

Aalto Marketing Society

Aalto Marketing Society is the subject club taking care of both Finnish and English speaking marketing-minded students’ interests at Aalto University! AMS acts as a link between its student members and the faculty of the Department of Marketing, matches skilled marketing students with top-notch employers and organizes a great variety of events. Aalto Marketing Society makes sure their members get the opportunity to develop relevant skills, network and gain knowledge in the field – and of course also knows how to party!

Aalto Marketing Society arranges excursions to interesting companies, organizes training sessions and gives you the opportunity to spend some amazing time in great company at study trips abroad, summer cruises and Christmas parties, amongst others! The club cooperates closely with companies and promotes open positions and trainee programs through its mailing list and Facebook page.

Aalto Strategy

Aalto Strategy is the subject club for students studying in the multidisciplinary Master’s Programme in Strategy at Aalto University and those interested in the field of strategy.

Aalto Strategy’s purpose is to represent Master’s students in Strategy at Aalto University, and to promote their interests and aspirations by functioning as a link between students, university staff, companies and other student associations. We aim to bring together students studying or interested in strategy at Aalto University by organizing events such as company excursions, career evenings and casual get-togethers. We welcome all students interested in strategy to join our activities!

For more information about Aalto Strategy, check out our FB-page while you can read more about the Master’s Programme in Strategy at

KY Accounting

KY Accounting is the subject club for accounting students, operating as a link between students and three important groups – the faculty, the corporate world and other students with like-minded interests. Firstly, the club actively promotes accounting students’ interests towards the faculty. Secondly, it works in close cooperation with the corporate world, offering students connections to interesting employers. Thirdly, the club brings accounting students together by organizing relaxed events to enable networking with future professionals. The activities include for example excursions, career nights and a yearly study trip, and are organized by the board selected in an annual meeting in December.

Want to know some more? See the website, like the Facebook page, or sign up to the mailing list on the website or by sending an email to


KY Economics

Networking with company representatives on career nights and company visits! Learning more about economic issues through panel discussions. Enjoying a summer picnic with amazing students. Feeling the international vibe on study trips around the world. This is KY Economics – a subject club taking care of economics-minded students’ interests, well-being and future career paths.

KY Economics is proud of its connections with the Department of Economics and leading economics-oriented companies. The goal is to offer the best contacts, knowledge and experience – without forgetting all the fun and exciting student activities. Most of the events organized by KY Economics are held in Finnish, excluding study trips and some company excursions. The new board is chosen at the second annual meeting in December. Catch KY Economics at and sign up to the mailing list at to find out more!

Aalto ISM

Aalto Information and Service Management ry (Aalto ISM) is the subject club for the students at the Department of Information and Service Management, which consists of the Bachelor’s program and the Master’s program in Information and Service Management (ISM).

Aalto ISM organizes a variety of exciting events including Career Evening and excursions to the top technology and consulting companies, our annual California study trip in the fall to discover the most inspiring places (such as Silicon Valley), not to mention the notorious Novemberfest which is the grand finale of the Aalto ISM year.

Besides presenting students with great career opportunities, Aalto ISM aims to be an effective link between ISM students and the faculty to make sure your interests will be heard.

For more information, visit and the Facebook page, and don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list!