KY has three subcommittees, each of them organizing unforgettable parties and other events. In addition to making student life more fun for KY’s members, the subcommittees usually have some fun of their own – many former members of KUJ, NESU-KY and KY-Sub look back at their subcommittee years with a smile and remain in contact with the students with whom they’ve shared the experience.


KUJ (more formally Kulttuurijaosto) is the Cultural Subcommittee of KY. For decades, KUJ has ensured that the students of KY get their fair share of parties and events – and will continue to do so for many years to come. The most visible events of KUJ include parties like Sillis, Club Lagoon (largest student club party in Helsinki), KY’s official entrance exam party and many more. In September KUJ will welcome you to the student community at Mursujaiset, a 24-hour ordeal for new students, for which you should already brace yourself. You can spot members of KUJ by the furry collars on their overalls.

KUJ forms a tight-knit community, and former members of the board are often active even years after their graduation. As a member of KUJ you become a part of something much larger than just student life – you’ll find yourself at the heart of student culture. The door is open once and only once, so mursu, choose wisely.

You can find more information at or by following KUJ on Facebook.


NESU-KY, the Association of Nordic Economic Students’ Union at KY, is the largest of the three subcommittees here at KY. 

We have the main responsibility of preserving KY’s sits-culture, which you can get your first glimpse of by visiting our “Harkkasitsit” in September. In addition to numerous sits-parties, our annual event portfolio consists of events held in co-operation with other student unions, NESU organizations and possible future employers.

We warmly welcome new mursus to join us every fall, this year 71 new members were chosen, and once you become a member of NESU-KY you will be a part of this community that grants you with unforgettable experiences for the rest of your studies.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you this upcoming fall, when you can spot us from our names and NESU-letters that embellish our overalls. In the meantime you can also check out our Facebook page or Instagram to find out more!


KY-Sub, KY’s International Subcommittee, is the youngest and liveliest subcommittee on a mission to integrate exchange and international students to the Finnish student culture. Our all-inclusive events range from crazy theme parties (St. Patrick’s Party, Around the World sitsis) to more laid-back hangouts (Welcome & Farewell Evenings, sewing overall badges), but we also have events aimed at specific groups of students, such as the memorable Lapland and St. Petersburg trips for exchange students, and the wild Mursulaiva for all mursus! 

Whether you are aiming to build an international career and want to improve your personal skills, or simply wish to meet new people and have friends in all places, KY-Sub is the place to be! By joining Sub, you are part of a loving family, which provides you support and connections all over the world, long-lasting and close friendships, along with many internal events.

For more info, either ask a Sub member (you can recognize us from the flag ribbon on the side of our overalls), or check out our Facebook page & Instagram!