KY has three subcommittees, each of them organizing unforgettable parties and other events. In addition to making student life more fun for KY’s members, the subcommittees usually have some fun of their own – many former members of KUJ, NESU-KY and KY-Sub look back at their subcommittee years with a smile and remain in contact with the students with whom they’ve shared the experience.


KUJ (more formally Kulttuurijaosto) is the Cultural Subcommittee of KY. For decades, KUJ has ensured that the students of KY get their fair share of parties and events – and will continue to do so for many years to come. The most visible events of KUJ include parties like Sillis, Club Lagoon (largest student club party in Helsinki), KY’s official entrance exam party and many more. In September KUJ will welcome you to the student community at Mursujaiset, a 24-hour ordeal for new students, for which you should already brace yourself. You can spot members of KUJ by the furry collars on their overalls.

KUJ forms a tight-knit community, and former members of the board are often active even years after their graduation. As a member of KUJ you become a part of something much larger than just student life – you’ll find yourself at the heart of student culture. The door is open once and only once, so mursu, choose wisely.

You can find more information by following KUJ on Facebook.


NESU-KY, The Association of Nordic Economics Students’ Union at KY, is the largest subcommittee of KY. It also functions as a part of the larger organization NESU that aims to increase collaboration between economics students in the Nordic countries.

NESU-KY organizes most of the sitsi parties held at KY and the annual event portfolio also includes career events, cottage trips, cruises, Dammarit, Herrarit and the legendary Wappu Terrace.

New members are welcomed every fall. Once you become a member of NESU-KY, you will be a part of the community for the rest your studies. You will also get a unique opportunity to experience student life in other university cities as well. You will get the chance to build lifelong friendships and connections all over Finland and other Nordic countries. If networking and having a good time aren’t good enough reasons to be a part of NESU, as a member you can learn beneficial communication and leadership skills. What you give to NESU, you will get back multiplied.

You can recognize members of NESU-KY from their big smiles and names on the back of their overalls. Find NESU-KY on Facebook.


KY International Subcommittee (KY-Sub) is responsible for the entertainment of the exchange and international degree students of the School of Business. In short, the aim is to make sure international students have an awesome time while in Finland.

Being part of KY-Sub is not just rewarding and fun, but also very useful considering future applications. Networking is what KY-Sub does best, and the numerous contacts all around the world gained while working with international students will surely turn out to be a useful asset later on in life. KY-Sub creates international professionals of the future by improving its members’ project management skills in a multicultural environment. In addition, if you feel like you would like to get to know Finnish people better or vice versa, KY-Sub is the place to be.

KY-Sub organizes plenty of events throughout the year for the biannually arriving exchange students. These events include trips to St. Petersburg, Lapland and Stockholm, exam week and fifth period parties and multiple cocktail evenings, excursions and day trips.

KY-Sub is the youngest of the three subcommittees – it is very easy to get involved and implement your ideas for improvement and new events. You can go as deep as you want, there are no limits in KY-Sub. If you wish to stay informed of events by KY-Sub, follow the subcommittee on Facebook.