Are you trying to think of ways to improve your study habits? Do you feel like you always study in the exact same way and want to have some variation? Or are you just searching for extra motivation to get started with some school work? On this page you can find study tips that have also been shared in the Study Tips series in KY’s Instagram story.


The tips can be quite general or have to do with a more specific topic. We update this page when new tips come out.


The first tips focus on adjusting to studying remotely. The current situation is new to all of us and has caused a lot of changes. We want to help you make the most of your studies, even in times like these.


Tip 1:

Get some structure into your days and don’t let yourself slip into vacation mode. If it helps you to get work done, stick to the same timetable you’re used to and start studying around the same time when you would normally have a morning lecture.


Tip 2:

That being said, it’s also a great time to build habits that better suit your own learning. For example, if you know you can better concentrate in the evening, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Try to find out what works for you. Just make sure you get your work done, whether or not it is during the regular working hours.


Tip 3:

Did you know that the school also offers workshops and courses on topics such as time management? Go check them out! Here’s the link.


Tip 4:

Move! Go for a walk, do an online yoga class, just get up for a minute or at least switch positions while studying. Try for example the BREAK PRO program that’s now available to Aalto students, can be found  here.


Tip 5:

Consider switching on the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone when you start studying. When studying at home, it’s even more tempting to check your phone every now and then but it’s a huge distraction.


Tip 6:

Find different ways of studying to help keep up your motivation. Call your friends to discuss the tricky concepts, make use of the online lectures, watch Youtube videos about the topic, use different note taking methods etc.


Tip 7:

Stay in touch with your friends for example through video calls. It’s a good way to incorporate pleasant breaks into your day and to make this exceptional time period feel a little bit more normal.


Tip 8:

Did you know that you now have access to the Windows classroom computers remotely from your own device if you need them in your studies? This is a temporary arrangement due to the COVID-19 situation and you need to sign in with your Aalto account. You can find the instructions on the following page.


Tip 9:

How much do you know about the study psychologists, Aalto chaplains and other professionals that work at the school and are always willing to help you? They are available remotely during this time. You can find their contact information here.


Tip 10:
Are you unsure about what to do this summer? We want to remind you that there’s still time to sign up for some of the summer courses offered by the school! Summer studies are a great option if you’re looking to have something interesting and useful to do. Here you can find the general page which lists the different summer courses.

Last week, the school also added some more courses to their offering as a response to the current situation. Go check out this page as well.