Welcome to the Studies!
Our aim is to provide the best possible student experience and naturally studies play a central role in student life. Unfortunately, KY can’t study courses in your place but we aim to make sure you have the best possible study conditions to enjoy studying and achieve your goals.

Don’t know how to kick-off your university studies or don’t remember the name of that great study service? Here you can get to know the basics of studying in Aalto BIZ and refresh your memory about the degree requirements and available study services.

Welcome to the KY Fringe Study Guide! The purpose of this guide is to give the students of Aalto School of Business an opportunity to learn from the experiences of previous students, and to share the knowledge with future generations.

Is the School of Business moving? Where? Here you can find information about the three different campus and their future.

Help? Here you can find information about who to contact with your study-related issues. You can also send anonymous feedback to KY through our contact form and learn how you can get involved in student advocacy.