Are you taking a poorly organized course? Do you feel unmotivated to study and that you might need professional help? Do you have trouble finding the right person to contact?
Here you can find contact informations of both Aalto BIZ and KY parties who can help you with your study-related issues. You can also send anonymous feedback through our contact form if you for example need KY’s help to get your voice heard.
I need help with

Planning my studies

Sometimes you might feel lost in the jungle of degree requirements and different choices that can have a major effect on your studies. Reflecting by yourself and talking to other students can help you to some extent but seeking council from the study coordinators might be a good idea. Once you have chosen your specialization area you should consult the coordinator of your area but first year students should contact the planning officer for first year students. Coordinator contact details you can find here. 

My studies

In practical questions or concerns about studying you should consult the Aalto BIZ Learning Services. Your first step is to go and ask help from the Help Desk in Otaniemi or Töölö campus or send email to They can point you the right person if they don’t have the answers you need right there. In case your issue concerns a specific course, you should contact the course teacher directly.

Admitting you need help might take courage but we all need help in some point. Study psychologists are available to help you in all non-practical study issues you might have. Booking an appointment is simple, you can just send an email containing your name, study field, phone number, campus of choice and reason to appointment to More information about study psychologists and other available support you can find here


Even though Aalto BIZ is trying to offer great courses, some courses still have problems. Answering course feedback form and rating the course in Fringe Study Guide are possibilities to evaluate the course but naturally afterwards your feedback can no longer alter the course you were taking.

However, you can make an impact already during the course. First direct step is to take to problem to the course teacher and maybe even the Learning Services. Yet, you can also approach the problem indirectly by contacting KY’s Academic Affairs sector as we are the primary student advocate and always ready to stand up for students’ rights. You can contact us in both course specific and broader study related problems. At the end of this page there is an anonymous contact form in which you can inform us about problems or you can directly contact the Board responsibles.

Taking part in student advocacy

You are taking part in student advocacy already when you simply voice out your problem or question to the course professor, school personnel or KY.  The first step of student advocacy for a first year student can also be becoming a course messenger who passes feedback from her/his fellow students on to the course teacher. However, there are also more intensive ways to participate if you are interested in academic issues: the Academic Affairs Committee, halloped positions and subject clubs.

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee KOVA is the committee responsible for student advocacy, supervising students’ interests and co-operating with the School of Business. The work of the committee consists of regular meetings and discussion about the current academic issues. KOVA also arranges some field-related events during the year, such as the traditional Proffa-lauluilta.

You can apply to KOVA once a year in December when the new members for committees are selected for the next calendar year. If you are interested in the work that the Academic Affairs Committee does, you are warmly welcome to ask from the current or the past members.

Halloped positions

Hallopeds, student representatives in administration, are representatives elected for administrative organs that are responsible for multiple issues concerning academic affairs. They are nominated by AYY and in their position, they represent not only themselves but also the whole student community. All students can apply for the positions. You can find the open positions and more information about the administrative organs here and here

The subject clubs

The best way to affect issues concerning especially a certain specialization area or its course offerings are through different subject clubs. Each specialization in business school has its own and you can find them on Facebook.  Join the subject club as a member or apply for a board position to be the first to know about events coming up!

Anonymous contact form
Please define the problem or question specifically so that we can take the problem to the right party or find the best possible answer. Feel free to give also general feedback and development ideas.
Please leave your email if you would like to get a response.