Wondering how studies at Aalto BIZ look like? This page gathers all the important resources about your future studies, student advocacy and offers helpful tips that can make your student life easier. More study-related information is available at Aalto University’s webpage.

Studying at aalto biz

Studying in a university offers great freedom, but in addition brings responsibilities. At this page, you can find information about the basics of studying in Aalto BIZ and the requirements of Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree studies. 

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Bachelor's degree

Your university-level business studies will begin with the Bachelor’s degree, which consists of 180 ECTS, which is equivalent to three years of studying. This includes common core and methodological studies, specialization and minor studies, language studies and elective studies, and Bachelor's thesis. The official language of the program is Finnish but many courses are taught in English. You can find more information about the degree requirements from here.

master's degree

The two-year Master’s Degree is worth 120 ECTS and it comprises advanced specialization studies, minor and elective studies, and the pro gradu thesis. Many choose to deepen their knowledge in their Bachelor’s specialization area, but it is not uncommon to switch to something entirely different, since there are many more options available. In addition to Aalto BIZ Master’s programmes, there are also interdisciplinary Aalto programmes to choose from. The official language of the programs is English, except in Corporate Law which is taught in Finnish. Learn more about different options here.

Academic affairs

Do you want to affect the way studies are organized at Aalto? Now is your chance to make a difference!

On this page, you will find information on KY and AYY’s student positions, in which you can get involved in student advocacy and have your say in the development of our studies. Have any feedback about courses or ideas on how to improve our studies? From this page, you can also find the contact information of all student advocacy parties - do not hesitate to contact them! 


Student Representatives in Administration


Academic Affairs Committee

ky's subject clubs

Each major in the School of Business has its own subject club operating under KY and AYY. Each subject club is also the main channel of academic affairs lobbying/advocacy towards specific departments at the School of Business.


The clubs each have their own academic affairs representatives, who form an important link between departments and students. If you have anything academic affairs related you wish to bring to the attention of the department, these representatives are the best channel for that. Applying for academic affairs related subject club board positions is also an excellent way to get involved in academic affairs. The clubs inform members about board applications separately, but usually it’s done at the end of the year.

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course buddies

Course Buddies are first-year students who collect course feedback from peers and discuss the feedback with professors. During a course, the Course Buddy gets an amazing opportunity to get to know the professor in charge personally, and in return the professor gets valuable insights.

“For me, this was an extraordinary experience. Especially as I was interested in the topics of the course, it was fun to be in the box seat”

The Course Buddies for I-II periods are selected in September, and for III-V periods in December. The application form will be posted to Mursus 2021 Facebook group.

Apply to be a course buddy


There are members at the KY Board whose responsibility entails taking care of day-to-day life of academic affairs at KY. The duties of these board members include representing students at the meetings with the School’s management, presiding Academic Affairs Committee, coordinating hallopeds of the School of Business, developing KY’s advocacy work and much more!

You can always contact KY’s academic sector, if you need help or have questions related to studying at the School of Business! See our board members responsible for academic matters here

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