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Congratulations on being accepted into Aalto University School of Business – that alone is quite an achievement! However, you’ve also opened a door into the best student community this country has to offer. As a KY member, you’re entitled to discover various career opportunities, make use of valuable member benefits, attend exclusive events and of course, display your KY spirit by donning our dollar­green overalls. These, and many more benefits await – by joining KY, you’ll ensure that you get the most out of your life as a student.

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New friends, skills and experiences. Hard work and rewarding results. Wappu festivities in overalls, the Annual Ball in an evening gown or tailcoat. Taking part in KY activities grants you opportunities like these and much more! Diverse activities are at the heart of KY. Without KY’s volunteers there would be no KY at all – and without newcomers like you, KY would have no future! The following pages introduce you to all volunteer positions and associations at KY and gives instructions for joining them.

To get involved, follow our communications to find out when we are looking for new volunteers!


Each year, over a hundred new mursus join one of our subcommittees – the cultural subcommittee KUJ, the association for nordic economic students NESU-­KY, or our international subcommittee KY­-Sub. Many former members of KUJ, NESU and KY-SUB look back at their subcommittee years with great fondness and remain in contact with the students with whom they have shared the experience. Don’t miss their info evenings during the fall!
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KY is full of clubs for all tastes and interests. Activities range from wine tasting to sailing and movie nights to musicals, just to name a few! You’ll surely find something suited for you in the mix. However, if you feel like you’re still missing out on something, we encourage you to start your own club!
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Subject clubs

Subject clubs represent the variety of subjects taught at Aalto University School of Business. Each study programme has a subject club organizing leisure time activities and maintaining good relations with the faculty. The clubs also arrange excursions to visit future employers and familiarize students with the fields in which they will work. Despite the subject specific alignment, everyone is welcome to attend the events regardless of study background – it’s enough to show interest in the matter!
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KY has six committees that organize diverse cultural and sports events, look after student advocacy and develop cooperation with our corporate partners. Would you like to become a master in event organizing or get some hands­-on selling experience? As committees function directly beneath the KY Board, these six committees make learning new skills possible in a safe environment.
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Project teams

If you’re not able to commit for an entire year but still want to participate in organizing activities at KY, a project team might be just the right choice for you! Project teams also function under the KY board, but offer slightly more independence, as a chairman is also recruited for each team.
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Kylteri magazine

Are you into writing, photographing or illustrating? Or just interested in the student world and phenomena? Kylteri is an ambitious student magazine that provides sharp journalism for business students at Aalto University. The editorial staff is always looking for new assistants! Assistants are also paid a small compensation of 30–70 euros, depending on the task at hand.
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