Student life

New friends, skills and experiences. Hard work and rewarding results. Wappu festivities in overalls, the Annual Ball in an evening gown or a tailcoat. Taking part in KY activities grants you opportunities like these and much more!

Looking back at your student years, you’ll surely prefer remembering not only auditoriums and lectures at Aalto BIZ, but also the hands-on experience and lifelong friendships gained while studying.

Diverse activities are at the heart of KY. Without various sorts of activities arranged by KY’s volunteers, there would be no KY at all – and without newcomers like you, KY would have no future. Next, you’ll be introduced to our associations and possibilities in volunteering that we have to offer so turn the page and come along!


KY has six different committees that are led by a board member and an employee. All of these committees have different responsibilities ranging from culture and wellbeing to academic affairs and both new Mursus and Masters’ students. These responsibilities reflect well on the things the committees do at KY so stay tuned!





Masters’ Committee

TUtor committee

Project committees

KY has project committees that work on a specific matter. Right now, we have two project committees: Annual Ball Committee and TEKNISTÄ. The project committees are often assembled for specific projects, so stay tuned to see if new ones are formed during your years at KY!

Annual ball committee

KY’s Annual ball is the single most glamorous event of the year and the highlight of the Annual Ball week held between the end of February and the beginning of March. The traditional event cherishes KY’s centennial history and celebrates our strong community. The Annual ball is organized by the Annual Ball Committee chosen during the autumn, usually around October.

teknistä :D

TEKNISTÄ :D is KY’s technical background engine. Nothing works without technology nowadays, and that is why TEKNISTÄ :D exists. The project team is responsible for keeping KY’s hardware and software environments in check; be it an audio-visual installation, website, network environment, building automation or anything else that needs to be fiddled with. Whenever you use the internet at KY premises, see moving pictures or hear music, TEKNISTÄ :D is behind them. TEKNISTÄ :D does things with a can-do attitude, good team spirit, and a healthy dose of low-quality humor!

Kylteri magazine

Kylteri Magazine

Both student and business life have numerous interesting stories to be told. Aalto University Business Students’ magazine, Kylteri, provides thought-provoking journalism from the members of our community.

Kylteri has been keeping up the traditions of student journalism since 1999. From the very beginning, KY’s own student magazine has provided its readers with journalism covering topics ranging from student life and alumni stories to societal phenomena and culture.

Would you like to join Kylteri?

Do you know your way with words or know how to take a perfect shot? Or have you ever dreamed of working in the field of media and communications? Kylteri is always looking for new assisting writers, photographers and illustrators who want to learn more about magazine making or maybe even get a kickstart for their career in the field of media.


KY has three subcommittees, each of them organizing unforgettable parties and other events.

In addition to making student life more fun for KY members, the subcommittees usually have their own traditions and a tight community to support each other. Many former members of KUJ, NESU-KY and KY-SUB look back at their subcommittee years with great fondness and remain friends with each other for the rest of their lives.


KUJ, more formally Kulttuurijaosto, is the Cultural Subcommittee of KY. For decades, KUJ has ensured that the students of KY get their fair share of parties and events – and will continue to do so for many years to come.


KY-Sub, KY’s International Subcommittee, is the youngest and liveliest subcommittee on a mission to integrate exchange and international students into the Finnish student culture.


NESU-KY, the Association of Nordic Economic Students’ Union at KY, is the largest of the three subcommittees at KY. Our main responsibility is preserving KY’s sits-culture, and our first sitsparty of the semester – Harkkasitsit – is something you don’t want to miss!

Representative Council

What is it?

The Representative Council consists of KY members who are eager to have an influence on the actions of KY and the future of our dear community. It sets the broader frame to guide KY’s operations. The Council determines what KY is, what it stands for and what KY actually does today and years to come. The Council operates at the very heart of KY, which makes it a great viewpoint to all that’s happening in our community.

Check out more information below!

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Repco elections are coming up

Will you be one of KY's new representatives? The next Council election is this fall! You can run as a candidate and become a member of the Council yourself. At the very least, remember to vote in the upcoming elections.

More information about the upcoming elections coming soon!

Subject Clubs

Subject clubs represent the variety of subjects taught at Aalto University School of Business. Each study programme has its own subject club organizing leisure time activities and maintaining good relations with the faculty. 

The clubs also arrange excursions to visit future employers and familiarize students with the fields in which they will work. Despite the subject specific alignment, everyone is welcome to attend the events regardless of study background – it’s enough to show interest in the matter!

Aalto Economics

Aalto Economics is the subject club of students in Aalto University School of Business who are majoring in, or generally interested in, economics.

Aalto finance

Aalto Finance is a subject club for students interested in finance at Aalto University School of Business.

Aalto ism

Aalto ISM is the subject club for Information and Service Management students, as well as anyone interested in the intersection of business and technology.

Aalto Management & International Business

Aalto Management and International Business, in short MIB, is the subject club of all management students interested in management.

Aalto marketing society

Aalto Marketing Society (AMS) is the association of marketing students at Aalto University School of Business.

CEMS Club Helsinki

CEMS is a global alliance of the world’s elite business schools, leading multinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM).

IDBM Klubi

IDBM Klubi is more than a subject club – we’re a student driven community of business, design and technology professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds.


Jury is a subject club for business students, established in 2003. The club brings together business law students, aiming to protect its members’ interests and study opportunities as well as improve relations to future employers.

KY Accounting

KY Accounting is the subject club for accounting students, operating as a link between students and three important groups – the faculty, the corporate world, and other students with like-minded interests.


KY is full of clubs for all tastes and interests. Activities range from wine tasting to sailing and movie nights to musicals, just to name a few! You’ll surely find something suited for you in the mix. However, if you feel like you’re still missing out on something, we encourage you to start your own club!



A!dventures brings adventure sports more accessible to students. We do everything outdoors, from multisport and ice climbing to just heading outdoors to enjoy camping and hiking.

Aalto Cocktail

Aalto Cocktail is an interdisciplinary club devoted to cocktails and cocktail culture. Its ambition is to bring something more tasty and stylish to the student culture of Aalto.

Aalto Debating Society

There are many competing ideas in the world and when ideas clash, that's a debate. Debates are what Aalto Debating Society (ADS) is all about. We practice critical argument - with each other - to delve into contentious topics in a positive way.


Aalto Investment Club is a student association that creates investing related events and online content. In our events you get to have insightful discussions about investments, saving methods and global trends while enjoying some delicious food.

Aalto Sustainability Club ry

The Aalto Sustainability Club (ASC) is a vibrant community of students that are enthusiastic about sustainability. We organize events such as company excursions, panel discussions, company presentations & Q&A’s and movie nights.


Akystic is a unique cover band group consisting mostly of students and alumni of KY. We cover a large variety of different genres and styles ranging from acoustic pieces to the newest pop tracks, without forgetting the evergreen rock’n’roll hits.


Baccus is a wine club first founded already in the late 1980’s. The mission of Baccus is to promote wine culture and wine knowledge among Aalto students.

Boston Promenade

KY’s very own Boston Promenade is one of the best-known big bands in all of Finland – and oldest, established in 1964. Most of our 26 musicians are either students or alumni from the School of Business or other students from the Helsinki region.


Goood morning! We are BREKY, and we are here to make mornings great! We organize different brunch and breakfast events (well, because mornings are so very important).


EnerKY is a club that organizes low threshold sports events and tryouts for KY members. These low-effort and low-cost events are held to inspire business students to try new ways of exercising and having fun in a great company: past events have included e.g. twerking, bouldering and beach volley!


FBC-KY, also known as ‘The Snakes’, is Aalto University’s floorball club for business students.

Hernesaaren Näädät

Hernesaaren Näädät is the most successful collegiate ice hockey organization in Finland. Being one of the school’s most traditional sports clubs, Näädät promises you lifelong friends, spectacular hockey-events, and the best company in Aalto BIZ!

KY Kori

KY-Kori was founded in 1977 and is the business students’ traditional basketball team. Currently the team competes in the men’s southern third division, adding up to roughly twenty games per season.

KY united

KY United is the very own football club of Aalto business students. The club arranges many different field activities, such as weekly football practices during semesters, football league games, and tournaments (football/futsal/beach football).


Heittäkää! KY-Beppo is one of the youngest clubs in KY and the very own beer pong club of KY. The mission of KY-Beppo is to bring the joy of the most famous game in the university world to every business student.


KY-mppi is the aviation club of KY. We organize a wide variety of events from skydiving to cultural events, big and small.


KY-Sail is a sailing club of Aalto University School of Business. Our mission is to spread the sailing culture in it’s all forms by organizing various sailing related activities among Aalto students and we have gained quite a legendary reputation during the years.


KY-Ski is the legendary (after)skiing club of KY that organizes the biggest parties, craziest trips and coolest events in the university.


FORE! Golf is a very popular sport in the business world and with its 30 years of history, KY’s very own golf club KY-Slice is one of the most traditional clubs KY has to offer.



KY-Speksi is an interactive musical comedy, created by the students of the Aalto University School of Business, although students from other disciplines are warmly welcome as well.


KY-Vegas is a card game club for the students of Aalto University. Formed only recently at the end of 2017 by a large group of first-year business students, KY-Vegas promotes a relaxed environment and atmosphere from beginner players to experienced card enthusiasts alike.

KYllä Oluelle

KYllä Oluelle is a fresh and new beer society founded in late 2014. Our vision is to knock off the idea that beer is just the one euro cans you can find at your local supermarket.


KYL, also known as Helsinki Academic Male Choir is looking for men who can sing. As the oldest and most prestigious of KY’s clubs, KYL has changed the notion of what male choir singing is about.


Female choir KYN, established in 1981, is a bright and versatile female voice choir. Members are either students or young women working in different fields. KYN has always made music with ambition, passion and a creative angle.


KYppendales is KY’s own performing dance group. Our members all have different kinds of dance backgrounds, from contemporary and show dance to cheerleading and street styles.


KYssi is KY’s own tennis, badminton, squash, and table tennis club that organizes the wildest tournaments (and afterparties) for students. Our mission is to spread the joy of racket sports by bringing people together in a fun and relaxed setting. 

Luova Aalto

Luova Aalto is a community bringing together both Aalto and other students interested in creativity. We share Aalto University’s mission of an innovative society that is based on strong cooperation and courage to create something new.


WhisKY spreads knowledge and the joys of whisky throughout Aalto University. Most of the time the club arranges intimate, chill and laid back tastings, where quality comes first but pricing stays reasonable. 

Women’s Career Society

Established in 2019 by four ambitious business students at Hanken School of Economics, Women’s Career Society (WCS) works as a network for female business students looking for inspiration and support for their careers.


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