Student Center

The Student Center is a building being planned to Otaniemi by Aalto University Student Union (AYY), Aalto University Business Students (KY) and Teknologföreningen (TF). The project’s main objective is to create an interdisciplinary meeting place for every student in Aalto University. KY’s goal in the project is also that the center would provide an excellent level of service for KY members and act as a home for KY’s associations and culture for a long time.

History of the Student Center project

In 2011, Teknologföreningen (TF) knew that their current building either needed renovation in the near future or that new facilities for the organization needed to be built. Aalto University Business Students (KY) faced the same issue with its current KY building. TF also wanted to create a central meeting place in Otaniemi for Aalto students. Because KY was going to move to Otaniemi, TF and KY started investigating if their facility updates could be a joint project. After several case-studies, it was determined that the Kemisti block near the metro and center of Otaniemi would be the best location for the organizations’ facilities.


Meanwhile, the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) dreamt that all Aalto people could find their place in the community, encounter one another, and build the Aalto spirit. AYY joined the project in 2016, embarking on their biggest and most concrete step towards this dream. In 2017, AYY, KY and TF developed and approved of common pre-conditions for the project.


The Student Center will be a place where all three organizations can thrive and maintain their own unique identities. It will have convenient services, spaces to chill with friends, and opportunities to encounter new people and ideas. All Aalto people will have a reason to visit the Student Center.


Latest news [updated 14.4.2021]

  • This year the project has been built on the work done by previous years and ACRE has taken the lead of the project. Each organization has been working on spatial solutions and agreements together with architect (Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit, AOA) and ACRE.
  • We have been proceeding with the decent speed and soon is time to sign the project agreement. This agreement package will include for example a target budget, quality standards, schedule, and preliminary floor plan. Once each party’s decision-making body approves of the project agreement, we can begin working on next steps of the project.
  • Deadline for the project agreement is 30.4.2021 and KY will handle these matters at KY Foundation Board’s meeting on 19.4.2021 and KY’s Representative Council’s meeting on 20.4.2021.