Societal Impact

KY positions itself as an opinion leader in Finland when it comes to educational policy regarding business studies and has an opinion on the future of work, society and business. We are the most sought-after business students in Finland. Active participation at KY is seen as a merit in the job market.

We track our brand’s performance and partner with the Aalto University School of Business, experts and companies like aTalent to make this happen. We use communications agencies as needed to create and maintain our brand. We have strong ties to business media in Finland and feature frequently in the news. We are seen as future business leaders and professionals, who want to give to society and make Finland succeed.


What will be done?

KY is an active member in Suomen Ekonomit and HEKO. Since the Representative Council decided that we stay within the union, the best way to impact is to be active and push our initiatives as students onwards. The Chairman of the Board sits both in HEKO (Helsingin Ekonomit) and KPV (Kylteripuheenjohtajaverkosto) in order to bring the voices of KY members to be heard.

We organize a national business students academic affairs meeting at least once a year. The last one was held in April in Helsinki.  

KY takes part in Taloudenpuolustuskurssi which is a summit for politicians, corporate management and head experts of academic world. Last year the former Chairman of the Board Jyri Heimo participated as the representative of KY.  

KY has also established a Task Force to survey ways to impact on a societal level and possibilities for enhancing media relations.