Smooth Running

Hey everyone!


I’ve been working as an administrative assistant (better known as “assari”) since last September. My duties are quite different from anyone else’s at the office, but my year at KY has taught me a lot about how KY works. Now I’m going to tell you why you should apply to become the next assari or at least encourage your friend to do so!


Every working week is different

“Assari” does all sorts of tasks to keep things running smoothly at KY office. This means there is no such a thing as a typical week and you’ll never get bored.


You’ll become an expert on KY premises and other resources

“Assari” does weekly tours at KY premises to check in case there’s anything that needs to be fixed. You’ll also supervise the use of KY van and checklists. Doing this will teach you everything about Saha, KY building and KY van.


You’ll organise various meetings and get familiar with our associations decision making

“Assari” is a key person when it comes to organising big meetings at KY. You’ll be the person to set up our representative council and many other meetings. Doing this teaches you who are making decisions at KY and KY Foundation. However, the paperwork is left to other people 🙂


The working hours are flexible

“Assari” is a part-time task, so you’ll have a lot time left for studying and/or volunteering. Sure, there are some predetermined dates for meetings, but apart from that I have been able to choose my working hours quite freely.


Kiti Kainulainen

Administrative Assistant, 0504359750

The application period for KY employees 2019-20 is open 2.-16.4.2019. Read more here and apply!