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Knees weak, sweaty palms, I turn on my microphone to let out a roar of facts, figures, and suggestions (and some appeal to emotions). Yeessss, proposition pushed through. One biz committee meeting down, 6 to go. It may be busy, it may be slow, but in the end, the rewards speak for themselves. Maybe not now, maybe a year/two/four down the road, probably no student realises it, but their lives have been made a bit better and less stressful.

Hello there! My name is Pauli, currently the Educational Affairs, Master’s students, Subject clubs, and Probba responsible. I’m a fifth-year student in Information and Service Management, I did my bachelor’s in Mikkeli, where I was also on the Probba board as responsible for academic affairs. So, after coming back from exchange to start my studies in Otaniemi, I basically jumped right to the KY Board work boots.

*Insert funny subheading about pumps and briefcases here*

The academic/educational affairs duo represents our business students in different academic pumps within Aalto and the business school. The academic affairs environment was aptly described in the beginning. It might be a bit confusing at the beginning with work groups of different acronyms and functions, but once you get the hang of it, there are people to meet, things to achieve, and you’ll be talking fluent academic in no time.

Master’s students, and the Masters’ Committee (MC), is an interesting position. At the same time, it’s about creating KY culture, traditions, and community, but also having a unique community on its own right. There’s a lot of collaboration to be done, as you don’t have specific event “areas” to focus on. So, you can really try and shape the activities with the MC group as how you and the gang see best. You could say it is a work-in-progress sector, and especially with the Corona, new event ideas and executions are needed. But know that whatever it may be, the time with your committee is never wasted, and it can give you some of your best memories of the year. 

Reminiscing and learning through the days

What would be my best experience? I can’t really point to a single thing, but I have to say it was going back to Mikkeli to kick off Probba’s traditional Runnin’ Baba. The feel of nostalgia, many old and new faces to see, checkpoints to run. While everything moves forward unexpectedly, it is sometimes heart-warming to see some things never change.

Now just as with the school’s strategy, my life is a journey of constant learning. I’ve never been quite ready to take on the responsibilities I’ve been caught up with. But you’ll never know or never be unless you take the dive. As we’re moving forward in these strange times, there needs to be people who carry everyone’s voices to where they are needed, and there is no compromise in the study life quality and wellbeing for us students.

Thank you for taking your time with me 🙂

– Pauli Pihlajamäki

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
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