SEB LC&FI Summer Internship 2019


Our division Large Corporates and Financial Institutions (LC&FI) offers talented students an
exciting opportunity to work with banking, finance and asset management for a few intense
summer months. The internship starts off with an introduction to SEB in Stockholm. As an
intern, you will be involved in our daily business activities in Helsinki and have a great
opportunity to explore the environment of global asset management and commercial


This summer we have two interesting positions in this programme in Helsinki – one position
in Equity and Credit Research and one in Asset Management Sales. You can read more
and apply through our website by December 2:


Pete-Veikko Kujala, now working full-time as an Equity Analyst at SEB, participated in the
LC&FI Summer Internship programme in 2017 – below you can read shortly about his
experiences in the programme.


You worked in Equity and Credit Research during summer 2017 – what did your
summer job include in that department?
During my summer internship I was supporting the Research department in a lot of things –
mainly I was involved in a big IPO project that was on-going during that summer, but I also
supported the team during the result season by participating in different companies’ result
presentations with our analysts but also independently. Usually summer interns in our
department have a few bigger projects/transactions they support in by producing analysis.
The interns usually produce all the data needed for the analysis, in practice it means finding
data, analyzing it and writing a report.


What were your expectations about work and how was it in reality?
This was exactly the job that I had already previously been really interested in pursuing in
the future. I really liked it and I was actually surprised by the amount of responsibility I got
already from the beginning, which was great. I have also had other positions at SEB during
the past years and I think this is in line what I have experienced in all of them: if you are
active and want to take the responsibility, SEB trusts you with that.


What did you learn during the summer?

The main takeaway for me was to actually see and experience what an equity analyst really
does. Since the Q2 result period is during summer the internship period is a great
opportunity to be able to participate in “business as usual” during the summer months.


What was most useful takeaway for you from the introduction week in Stockholm?
I think the most valuable thing for me was to understand how big SEB is in the Nordics, as
we are only 320 employees in Helsinki. It is also good to understand SEB’s position in the
Swedish market and society. as it’s quite hard to see from here.