Search for Tutors 2017

Search for Tutors 2017 is here! New mursus arrive in September, and we need YOU to guide them in their path into the studies and student life. We are now searching for outgoing and positive personalities to be Master’s, Exchange, Bachelor’s and Open Uni tutors. The search is on until the 1st of March so apply here now!
This page offers you some important information about tutoring. For more information check also the Facebook event here or contact the members of Tutor Committee. Applying for tutor is a decision you won’t regret!

What is tutoring?

Tutoring is a important part of welcoming new students to KY and Aalto BIZ community. Tutoring is organized in a close cooperation with KY and Aalto University School of Business. Tutors are older students, who guide new mursus at the beginning of the semester. For example, tutors take care of introducing our campuses to new students, tell them about academic studies in our University, guide them with the practical matters and lead them into the student life of KY and Aalto.

Why is tutoring so important?

Over 300 new bachelor’s students, 200 master’s students and 100 exchange students arrive in Aalto BIZ every year. Integrating into a new community or foreign country can be challenging and this is why tutors are there to offer their help and support for mursus in new situations they all might face. Both KY and Aalto BIZ want every new student to find their place in our community, and tutoring is a crucial part of this process!

How tutoring is done at KY?

Tutoring at KY is a well-organized annual process. It starts with the search for the tutors in late winter. Based on the applications and interviews new tutors are chosen. During the spring and summer there are several trainings and events for tutors, but also some cooperation and mutual activities with Tech student tutors. Most of the events are compulsory, because all tutors should receive same education and information. It is also important to get to know other tutors, because good atmosphere between tutors motivates mursus to participate all student activities. Finally, in late August, tutors receive the names of their new mursus and can start contacting their groups.

Tutor Committee’17 and their responsibilities:

Tutor Coordinator, Chairman of the committee

  • Elina Rytkönen

Bachelor representatives

  • Maria Aalto
  • Kati Hautakoski

Exchange representative

  • Eevi Erkko

Master representatives

  • Lauri Nurmela
  • Jenni Wilen

New Students representative in KY Executive Board

  • Elisa Jokinen

Tutor types

Bachelor’s tutor

Most of the tutors are bachelor tutors and they all have a mursu group of approximately 6 new students. Bachelor tutoring requires quite a lot of time in the beginning of September, but is equally rewarding and fun. Bachelor’s tutors are divided in tutor trios, with whom they can arrange events for their mursu groups and support each other in case of facing some challenges.

Open Uni tutor

Open Uni tutors are quite the same as bachelor’s tutors. The biggest difference is that they have a large group of Open Uni mursus, which they all tutor together in a group. Open Uni mursus have already done their first year studies in open university and received their study place based on their previous studies. Requirements for Open Uni tutors are the same as for bachelor’s tutors, though knowledge and experience of open university is always an advantage!

Exchange tutor

Exchange tutoring is a great change for internationally-oriented and active students, as the activities for exchange students tend to be mind-blowing and eventful. Exchange tutors pick up arriving exchange students from airport when they arrive and help them with the practical matters of integrating into a foreign country and culture. Therefore exchange tutoring requires quite a lot of time and commitment, but is very rewarding, exciting and fun. Exchange tutoring can last the entire year, because new exchange students arrive both in September and in January!

Master’s tutor

Though new master students have studied somewhere else before, they need tutors to integrate them into our community, and in case of international students, into a foreign country and culture. Also third year students finishing their bachelor studies in the spring can apply for master’s tutor! Master students have larger tutor groups, and there might even be more than one tutor per group, because the group divination is based on the study programmes of the arriving master’s students. Tutoring master’s students requires less time than bachelor’s or exchange tutoring. It is also a great way to make new friends, because master’s tutors might meet their mursus in mutual classes!

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