The search for the Annual Ball Committee is now open!

Would you like to be a part of the committee that is in charge of arranging KY’s greatest crown jewel? Next year will be KY’s 107th anniversary and we are now looking for people to arrange this spectacle.

Apply now for the Annual Ball Committee! The application period for chairman candidates will be from 17.9. to 1.10. and for the committee members from 17.9. to 8.10. The committee’s positions besides the chairman vary from decorations, corporate relations, catering and even to communications.

‘’As the chairman of the Annual Ball Committee you are in charge of budgeting and concepting the theme, program, schedule, music, lighting etc. for the grandest and the most prestigious annual celebrations of KY together with a team of your choosing. You have a great opportunity to influence how KY appears to its stakeholders and from an execution point of view anything is possible as long as you believe in it. From planning the menu and closing corporate partners to fabulous decoration ideas felt like a team success when we were all living and breathing our common project.

I suggest you apply and take the plunge. I guarantee you will have a great time and learn a lot during this project!

– Emilia Eräste, Chairman of the Committee KY105

‘’Do you want to challenge yourself and create memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life? If so, the Annual Ball committee is the place for you! I was responsible for invitations which means that my main task was to take care of the 300 participants. When I saw all those guests for the first time looking at their best, smiling, taking pictures and simply having a good time and knowing that I was a part of the team that made it happen was a feeling one cannot describe with words. You know that you’ll always find time to do what you love and I promise you, this is one of those things.’’

– Ella Wikberg, Committee member KY106

If you are interested in applying, please send your free-form application to by the deadline. Please inform us in the application whether you are applying for the chairman or for a committee member.

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Elisa Jokinen
Member of the KY Board (Cultural Affairs)
+358 40 554 4066

Marja Karvinen
Secretary for Cultural Affairs
+358 40 353 8276