The soft and warm KY scarf is made of 100 % merino wool and is produced by the Finnish designer Marja Kurki.
24.4.2018 KY Scarf. Photo: Renja Nurmi

Price: 25 € / 50 €

Sizes: 30 x 180 cm, 75 x 200 cm

KY scarf is available in two sizes, smaller one of which goes nicely with the KY Blazer or any wool coat while the bigger one is big enough to use as blanket as the evenings get cold. Wrap either of them around your neck anywhere – this is the one piece of clothing that goes in any situation from bar crawl to school or Vappu to work.

The scarf is topped off with the most minimalistic version of our logo, the “KY squares” in size 1,5cm x 1,5cm, placed on top of the Marja Kurki logo. This beautiful detail makes the scarf even more valuable. The chance to get the scarves for these generous prices is only offered for KY members – similar scarves at a Marja Kurki store would cost 35 / 85 €.