Sanni’s Blog – Year as the Association Coordinator

Hi all!

I’m Sanni, KY’s current Association Coordinator. I’m here to tell you a bit about my job and my year in order to convince at least one of you dear readers to apply (:D).  My year at KY Office has been slightly different than those of my predecessors. Of course, I was aware of the pandemic when I was applying for the job, and (hopefully) so will my successor. Despite its challenges, this year has also presented a lot of great opportunities: currently there is a need to create and come up with new ideas in order to adapt.

So, what does the Association Coordinator do at KY? My two favourite answers to give are 1) coordinate associations and 2) handle all things that have something to do with keys. Of course, the reality is more complex than that. My main function here at KY is to help and support our associations ergo clubs and subject clubs. This can vary anywhere from answering day-to-day questions and emails to announcing association related matters through our bi-weekly newsletter to hosting trainings to our volunteers. 

The Association Coordinator also acts as the Vice Chair of LiHy, our lovely Sports and Wellbeing committee. In LiHy the main duty is to support the members in their committee work although during the pandemic I have also been greatly involved in inventing new remote event concepts and ways to execute them. Besides ideation, concrete work tasks related to LiHy include, but are not limited to, taking care of the budget, posting ticket sales, being secretary in the meetings, recruiting the committee and holding development discussions.


Comments from Helmi, Board member responsible for Sports & Wellbeing:

“Sanni has been the best partner in crime I could’ve ever asked for! Without Sanni showing me the ropes, the start of the year would’ve been zillion times more confusing and everything would’ve probably seemed way more complicated than it actually was. Working with Sanni has been natural right from the beginning and a huge relief, because I’ve been able to ask anything (even the mickey mouse questions :D) and it has helped immensely to have a partner with whom I can brainstorm whether it is a fun hangout or how to motivate our volunteers during these tough times. So make the best decision in your life and apply to the best sector at KY! <3”

As you might guess from the very short and limited job description above, the Association Coordinator works with a lot of people. In fact, the social part of this job has been my absolute favourite. Apart from the boards of KY’s over 50 unique associations and the Sports and Wellbeing committee, I also work closely together with some people here at KY Office. Together with Helmi, the board member responsible for Sports and Wellbeing, Clubs, and Sustainability we form the wellbeing sector and co-lead LiHy together. With Elina, the Vice Chair of the board, we support our subject clubs and their chairs by hosting meetings for the round table of subject club chairs, or more familiarly AJPJ. Additionally, I have to mention my fellow member service employees Emilia and Topias with whom I discuss daily about more or less serious matters: we form a tight trio who is always aware of what is happening at KY.


Comments from Elina, Board member responsible for Subject Clubs:

“Subject clubs are one of my responsibilities and since they are a subcategory of associations, I have also had the chance to work together with Sanni. It’s been both helpful and fun to have another person to brainstorm ideas with when it comes to tasks such as organizing meetings for the round table for subject club chairs, or trainings for subject club boards. Sanni knows more than me about the daily practicalities that subject clubs might have questions about, so the division of responsibilities has come naturally to us. Now to you, who are considering applying: Even though subject clubs will only be a small-ish part of your responsibilities as the association coordinator, I’m looking forward to sharing that responsibility with you!”

All in all working at KY, especially in the role of an Association Coordinator is versatile and rewarding. You get to constantly do new things and learn new skills. You meet new people and get more competent in different social settings. You get experience in leading, budgeting, time management, project management, prioritizing, training and communicating. KY is a workplace where you get to be responsible for large entities with little previous experience. And even though I was asked to not use clichés such as “no day is the same” or “it is all about the people” the days do vary and the people are amazing. 

If after all this rambling you still feel like you want to apply, I sincerely hope you submit your application. I am not exaggerating when saying that deciding to apply to KY has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have learnt so much while having so much fun.

Please contact me to discuss more about the position and my experiences since this blog post only scratches the surface. I am always happy to talk about KY and my responsibilities (and I do not mind reminiscing about my time here either). 


To leave you inspired: “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.”

-Someone I did not feel like googling, maybe Michael Scott 


Sanni Lappalainen
Association Coordinator 2020-2021
040 216 5442